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Buoyant forces act on objects when submerged in a fluid because a)   upward pressure against the bottom is greater than downward pressure against the top of the submerged object b)  if it acted downward, nothing would float c)  the weight of the fluid displaced reacts with an upward force d)  it acts in a direction to oppose gravity
A) upward pressure against the bottom is greater than downward pressure against the top of the submerged object
What is the buoyant force acting on a on my 200 pound sister floating in a lake? a)  less than 200 lbs      b)  more than 200 lbs        c)  200 lbs       d)  depends on density of the lake
C) 200 lbs
Two life preservers have identical volumes, but one is filled with styrofoam while the other is filled with sand.  When the two life preservers are fully submerged, the one filled with lead sinks and the styrofoam one rises to the top because a)  The buoyant force is greater on the styrofoam b)  The weight of the lead is greater than the buoyant force c)  The weight of the styrofoam is less than the buoyant force d)  The density of the lead is less than that of water e)  Two of the above
E) Two of the above
A 20 cm3 ball of lead is dropped in my sister's lake.  Where is the buoyant force on the submerged ball the greatest? a)  shallow in the water    b)  half-way down      c)  at the bottom of the lake    d)  same at all places
D) Same at all places
If the larger piston is 100 cm2 while the smaller one is 5 cm2 , then pushing on the smaller piston with 30 N of force will result in________ of output force on the larger piston a)  1200 N     b)  600 N           c)  60 N       d)  30 N    e)  1.5 N
B) 600 N
To make the output force larger than the input force, one should push on the a)  larger piston         b) smaller piston      c)  doesn't matter
B) Smaller Piston
A balloon is buoyed up with a force equal to the a) weight of air it displaces        b) density of surrounding air c) atmospheric pressure            d) weight of the balloon and contents
A) Weight of Air it displaces
The faster a fluid moves, the a)  greater its internal pressure   b) lesser its internal pressure
B) lesser its internal pressure
A suction cup sticks to a wall.  It is a) pulled to the wall by the vacuum        b)  pushed to the wall by the atmosphere c)  both of these                                    d)  neither of these
B) Pushed to the wall by the atmosphere
If your brother spins you around on the merry-go-round, you will experience the slowest linear speed if you stand a)  near the center        b)  near the outside     c)  anywhere because they all move at same rotational speed
A) Near the center
If you weigh 150 lbs and your sister weighs 75 lbs, compared to your sister how far away from the center of a see-saw must you sit to balance it? a)1/2 the distance                    b) two times    thedistancec) the same distance
A) 1/2 the distance
When you bend over to touch your toes, you will tip over and fall unless your center of gravity is a)  displaced from its center    b)  relatively low     c)  above a place of support        d)  stabilized by your frame
C) above a place of support
If you are standing on the edge of a merry-go-round with a radius of 2 meters and it is spinning at a rate of 30 revolutions per minute, what is your linear speed at that spot? (Circumference = 2πr) a)  754 m/min              b)  377 m/min              c)  188 m/min              d)  94 m/min
B) 377 m/min
If I were to have a party at my get-away vacation home on the equator and invite all of the inhabitants of the earth, what would happen to the length of a day? (hint:  what happens to earth's inertia?) a)  it would be longer b)  it would be shorter c) it would stay same
A) It would be longer
If you want to loosen a rusty nut on a bolt, you could increase your torque by a)  pushing harder on the wrench        b)  getting a longer wrench     c)  both of these          d) none of these
C) both of these
If you balance a broom horizontally on one finger, the center of gravity of the broom will be above your finger – closer to the bristles end than the handle end.  If you saw the broom in two pieces at that point and weigh the two parts on a scale, you’ll find that the lighter part is the a)         handle part                  b)  both are the same               c)  bristles part
A) Handle Part
If an Olympic diver rotates in a dive 3 times each second and then balls up reducing his rotational inertia to 1/3 of what it was, how many rotations each second will he complete? a)  12               b)  9                 c)  6                 d)  1
B) 9
Where must a 100 N boy sit on a see-saw to balance his 400 N sister who is sitting a distance of 1 m from the center? a)  1.6 m from center   b)  2.5 m          from center      c)  3.3 m from center   d)  4 m from center
D) 4m from center
What is the force of gravity on a 250 Newton woman standing on the earth’s surface? a)  50 N           b)  250 N         c)  500 N         d)  600 N
B) 250 N
_______coined the word “atomos” to describe the smallest, uncuttable quantity of matter. a)  Democritus             b)  J.J. Thomson          c)  E. Rutherford         d)  N. Bohr
A) Democritus
_______coined the word “atomos” to describe the smallest, uncuttable quantity of matter. a)  Democritus             b)  J.J. Thomson          c)  E. Rutherford         d)  N. Bohr
D) Protons and Nuetrons
The radioactive isotope, 32P, has how many neutrons in its nucleus? a)  15               b)  16               c)  17               d)  32
D) 32
When you crush a piece of bread so that its volume is 1/3 of its original size, its density a)  Stays the same                   b)  Goes up by 3 times            c)  Goes down 3 times
B) Goes up by 3 times
Compared to 1 kg of pure lead, the density of 100 kg of pure water is a)  less than the density of lead          b)  more than the density of water      c) the same density
A) less than the density of lead
A  block has a density of 4000 kg/m3 and a volume of 8 m3.  What is the block’s mass? a)  32,000 kg               b)  2000 kg      c)  5000 kg      d)  4,000,000 kg
A) 32,000 KG
Tripling the linear size of an object increases its area by a)  6 and its volume by 9         b)  9 and its volume by 27 c)  9 and its volume by 18       d)  6 and its volume by 18
D) 6 and its volume by 18
A spring is stretched 15 cm by a suspended 1 kg block.  If 2 such springs side by side are used to suspend the block, so each spring supports 1/2 the weight of the block, then each spring will stretch a)  15 cm         b)  10 cm         c)  7.5 cm        d)  30 cm
B) 10 cm
Convert 1000 kg/m3to g/cm3 a)  1     g/cm3 b)  10   g/cm3 c)         100      g/cm3 d)  1000           g/cm3
C) 100g/cm^3
The deeper you go in the ocean, the _____the pressure the fluid exerts a)  greater        b)  lesser          c)  neither, because the density is the same
A) Greater
The moderate temperatures of islands throughout the world has much to do with water's a)  poor conductivity    b)  vast supply of potential energy c)  high heat capacity    d)  high evaporation rate
C) High heat capacity
If glass expanded more than mercury, then the column of mercury in a thermometer would rise when a)  the temperature increased    b)  the temperature decreased        c)  neither of these
B) the temperature decreased
If the specific heat of water were lower than it is, ponds in the cold of winter would be a)  more likely to freeze        b)  less likely to freeze    c)  neither, would have no effect
A) More likely to freeze
When water at 4oC is heated, it expands.  When water at 4oC is cooled it a)  contracts        b)  expands        c)  neither contracts nor expand
B) expands
Metals are both good heat conductors and electrical conductors because of the a)  similarity between thermal and electrical conductive properties b)  looseness of outer electrons in metal atoms c)  relatively high density of metals d)  high elasticity of metals
B) looseness of outer electrons in metal atoms
An object will normally be a net radiator of energy when its temperature is a)  higher than its surroundings b)  lower than its surroundings c)  neither of these
A) higher than its surrondings
Your feet feel colder on a tile floor than on a rug because the tile floor a)  is usually warmer than the rug b)  is a better conductor than the rug c)  has more internal energy than the rug d)  all of these
B) is a better conductor than the rug
To say that evaporation is a cooling process is to say that the a)  remaining liquid left behind is cooler        b)  surrounding air is cooler
A) remaining liquid left behind is cooler
When liquids change to a solid state, they a)  absorb energy        b)  release energy        c)  neither
B) Release energy
Increased air pressure on the surface of hot water tends to a)  prevent boiling        b)  promote boiling        c)  neither
A) prevent boiling
Most of the electromagnetic spectrum consists of visible light. a)  true             b) false
2.) False
The main difference between a radio wave and a light wave is its a)  speed   b)  wavelength               c)  frequency                     d)  all of these                        e) two of these
E) Two of these
Infrared waves are often called heat waves because they a)  emanate from relatively hot sources b)  consist of frequencies lower than those of visible light c)  induce resonance vibrations in molecules and increase internal energy in a substance d)  are absorbed rather than reflected by skin e)  are the predominant waves emitted by the sun
C) Induce resonance vibrations in molecules and increase internal energy in a substance
If a light signal and a radio signal were emitted simultaneously from the Big Dipper, the first to
reach the earth would be the a)  radio signal                   b)  light signal                c)  both reach at same time
C.) Reach at the same time
Which of the following cannot travel in a vacuum? a)  light wave                b)  sound wave                  c)  radio wave                   d)  none of these
B.) Soundwave
A pair of sunglasses and a pair of reading glasses are left in the sunlight.  The hotter glasses would be a)  the sunglasses                   b)  the reading glasses c)  both the same
A) The sunglesses
The color of an opaque object is the same as the light that is a)  transmitted b)  absorbed c)  reflectedd)  all of these
Different colors of light correspond to different light a)  velocities                     b)  intensities c)polarities d)  frequencies
D.) Frequencies
If sunlight were green instead of white, the most comfortable color to wear on a hot day would be a)  magenta            b)  yellow   c)  green             d)blue              e)  violet
C.) Green
The fact that you can get sunburned while in the shade is evidence that the atmosphere a)  scatters infrared light                 b)  absorbs infrared light c)  scatters ultraviolet light d)  absorbs ultraviolet light
C. Scatters ultraviolet light
Which one of the following ancient greeks characterized the falling of objects to the earth as natural motion
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