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Which lung is longer, wider, and has greater capacity, the right or left?
The amount of blood leaving the left ventricle with each beat of the heart
stroke volume
Which muscles are responsible for keeping the spine erect?
erector spinae
Microglia are part of the ___?
nervous system
A condition in which hemoglobin concentration in the blood is below a defined level, resulting in a reduced oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells
Nerves, ganglia, and receptors are part of the
peripheral nervous system
Fatty acid oxidation produces high amounts of ___
Components of cardiovascular system
heart, blood, blood vessels
Components of cardiorespiratory system
heart, lungs, blood vessels
Average resting heart rate of healthy adult in beats per minute
Your client wants to build muscle, how many seconds rest do you allow between sets?
maximum heart rate
When performing lunges, what is the main joint action?
hip extension
Begins when one foot touches the ground and ends when same foot touches the ground again.
Point where loss of control of the center of gravity occurs.
limit of stability
The body\\\'s ability to stabilize joints during movement.
dynamic joint stabilization
Degenerative joint disease is another name for
How often should exercise equipment be inspected?
Does using knee wraps and supports help reduce injury?
An electrolyte disturbance in the blood in which sodium concentration in the plasma is lower than normal
Cause of hyponatremia
drinking too much water
Six food groups according to USDA pyramid
grains, milk, meat
Women require ___ calories per day
Decreased ability of the lungs to expand
restrictive lung disease
Losing weight during pregnancy can be toxic to the fetus (T/F)
Pectoralis major is active in shoulder __ and __.
flexion, adduction
PNF stretching is a combination of ___ and ___ stretching.
passive, isometric
Ability of skeleton to freely, easily, and fluidly float through the ranges of motion
functional flexibility
Uses only the tension of the agonists and synergists while the antagonists are being stretched
active flexibility
designed to improve muscle imbalances
corrective flexibility
Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid play a critical part of ___.
red cell production
Fat soluble vitamins
Water soluble vitamins
Required weekly calorie deficit to lose 1 lb.
How many calories a day does the body require to get the necessary vitamins and minerals
Cholesterol levels should be kept below __ mg/dl
Calories burned calculated from MET value
calories burned = MET value * body weight in kg
Which macronutrient can be metabolized without the presence of oxygen?
The body uses omega-3 fatty acids primarily for the __.
central nervous system
RMR (resting metabolic rate) =
weight in kg *24
activity factors for RMR
highly active .5, moderately active .4, slightly active .3
total caloric expenditure =
RMR + (RMR * activity factor)
Number of essential amino acids
Which lever class is typical of most joints of the human body
class 3
The fulcrum lies between the effort and the load
class 1 lever
The fulcrum is at one end, the effort at the other end and the load lies between the effort and the fulcrum
class 2 lever
The fulcrum is at one end, the load at the other end and the effort lies between the load and the fulcrum
class 3 lever
What are the prime movers in shoulder extension?
deltoid and latissimus dorsi
What are the prime movers in shoulder flexion?
deltoid and pectoralis major
What are the prime movers in shoulder adduction?
latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major, teres major
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