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What are the four stages of the trainer-client relationship?
1. rapport 2. investigation 3. planning 4. action
What are the three fundamental stages of the basic teaching method?
1. assessment 2. teaching 3. evaluation
__ is the stage of successful sustained lifestyle modification, while __ is the opposite and generally refers to baseline behavior.
maintenance, relapse
Essential for thorough understanding and involves the gathering of information
An ongoing process throughout the program that allows revision and refinement, as well as periodic follow-up after program termination.
Stimuli that precede the behavior and are sometimes referred to as cues or trigers
Stimuli that follow the behavior and may be either positive or negative
During __ the individual is not intending to change soon (i.e. within six months)
Individuals who have decided to initiate an effort to change within a months time are in the __ stage.
The reinforcement of successive approximations until a desired goal is reached.
__ consists of seeing others serve as examples and prompts to behavior change.
observational learning
Average estimates of noncompliance for medical therapies range from __ to __.
__ is irrational or overly negative thinking that causes emotional distress.
cognitive quicksand
During the __ stage of change the client weighs the costs and benefits of lifestyle modification.
__ are a means to break the connection between events or other stimuli and behavior.
stimulus control methods (or cue extinction)
The first step in the teaching process of behavior management is __.
goal setting
__ can take many forms, from generating objectives to keeping a log of efforts.
independent practice
The __ suggests that individuals adopt (or don\\\'t adopt) health behaviors based largely on their appraisal of their susceptibility to an illness combined with their perception of the probable severity of the consequences of having the illness
health behavior/belief model
A difficulty with the term __ is that it suggests that all the fault lies with the client and that it is reflective of poor motivation or laziness.
Injuries to __ heal with scar tissue known as collagen tissue.
__ repairs itself with exactly the same type of tissue when injured.
__ does not contract to protect the are when injured.
Stopping the exercise session, removing client from hot environmental conditions, activating EMS, and giving fluids if conscious are all appropriate immediate care for __.
heat-related illness
Removing client from cold environment, warming them as quickly and gently as possible, and giving fluids if conscious are all appropriate immediate care for __.
For a client with __ you should concentrate on strengthening the peroneal muscles.
ankle sprain
For a client with __ you should minimize extreme shoulder abduction and external rotation.
shoulder dislocation
For a client with __ concentrate on eccentric strengthening of the legs.
runner\\\'s knee/jumper\\\'s knee
For a client with __ avoid overhead presses and increase abdominal strength and flexibility.
spinal injuries
Avoid continuing the activity that caused the injury
Apply __ for 20-30 minutes and insulate the area
Apply elastic bandages to the injured area
Raise the injury to the height of the heart or higher
Increased temperature, redness, swelling, pain, and loss of function are the five signs of __.
What are five items that should always be stocked in a first aid kit.
cpr microshield or pocket mask, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, flashlight, sterile gauze
Protecting the spine if a fall has occurred, checking the head/face, looking at the skin, observing the chest for injury, checking vital signs, and asking the victim if they have abdominal pain are all possible steps during a __.
secondary assessment process
The aura, the tonic phase, the clonic phase and the postictal phase are the four stages of a __.
grand mal seizure
When an unusual sensation warns a person that a seizure is imminent (first phase of grand mal seizure).
When the victim loses consciousness, holds his breath, and is rigid during a seizure
tonic phase
When the muscles alternate between relaxed and contracted in a grand mal seizure
clonic phase
When the victim is confused or comatose and the tonic/clonic activity ceases in a grand mal seizure.
postictal phase
__ are trained to administer basic medical care, while __ are trained to administer advanced care for life-threatening emergency needs.
emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics
__ identifies any threats to life or limb, while __ occurs once life threatening needs of the victim have been addressed.
primary assessment, secondary assessment
__ is chest pain that doesn\\\'t cause permanent damage, while __ results in permanent damage to the myocardium.
angina, myocardial infarction
A __ fracture does not puncture the skin.
A __fracture results in part of the bone piercing through the skin, or occurs when a sharp object penetrates the skin and fractures the underlying bone.
__ are tears of the ligaments, while __ can be microscopic or gross and are located at the muscle or tendon.
sprains, muscles strains
ABC stands for what?
airway, breathing, circulation
Why is it most important to make sure that oxygen can get into the lungs before circulating the blood when giving an unconscious victim care?
because the brain needs oxygen so circulating blood that doesn\\\'t contain oxygen is ineffective
Offer and acceptance with mutual agreement of terms, consideration (an exchange of valuable items, eg money for services), legality (acceptable form under the law), and ability of parties to enter contract w/ respect to legal age and mental capability are
four elements necessary for a legally binding contract
Instruction, supervision, facilities, equipment, contracts, and business structure are the main areas to evaluate when creating a __.
risk management protocol
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