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What is the most common type of aerial apparatus I North America?
Aerial ladder apparatus
What criteria are used to choose which kind of aerial apparatus to use?
Maneuverability and length of reach needed
Most common tasks required of desired apparatus
Amount of equipment the apparatus will be carrying
NFPA 1901 classifies aerial apparatus into three categories. What are they?
Elevating platforms Water towers Aerial ladders
Typically, North American aerial ladders range from ______ to ______ in height?
50-135 ft
The working height of an aerial ladder is measured from...
the ground to the highest rung in the ladder at its maximum elevation and extension
The primary function of the turntable is to...
provide continuous rotation of the aerial ladder on a horizontal plane
Supporting beams of aerial ladders are strengthened with...
What are the main uses of aerial ladders?
Rescue, ventilation and elevated master stream application
The two most common materials used in the construction of aerial ladders are...
steel and heat-treated aluminum
The bottom section of a ladder is called the
The sections of a ladder subsequent to the base are called the ____ sections
The base rails of an aerial ladder are commonly referred to as the ....
Aerial ladder platforms commonly range in size from _____ to _____ ft
85 to 110 feet
The most common aerial platform apparatus in use today is the ...
Straight chassis, three-axle vehicle with a rear-mounted aerial device
What is the primary difference between TELESCOPING aerial platforms and aerial ladder platforms?
Aerial laladder platforms are designed with a larger ladder that allows firefighters and victims to climb either direction from the ladder
Common types of telescoping aerial platforms used in North America range from _____ to _____ ft.
75 to 100 ft
What additional benefit do articulating aerial platforms. provide over other aerial devices?
the platform is able to go up and over obstacles into areas where other aerial apparatus cannot go.
FPA aerial platform apparatus can be broken down into these types...
Aerial ladder platforms Telescoping aerial platforms Articulating aerial platforms
What is the Minimum required area on an aerial platform?
14 square feet
NFPA requires every aerial platform to have a railing completely enclosing it, with no opening in the rails greater than...
24 inches (two feet)
What is the purpose of the kick plate?
to prevent firefighters from sliding off of the platform in case he slips
All aerial apparatus are required to have _____ operating stations.
On all aerial platforms a protective fog nozzle must be mounted....
on the underside of the platform
What is the minimum nozzle flow rate of the water fog curtain nozzle mounted under aerial platforms?
What is the minimum load capacity of an elevating platform when fully extended and a elevation within normal range?
750 lbs
When the water delivery system is charged on an aerial platform, what is the Maximum load capacity of the platform?
500 lbs
The water delivery system of an aerial platform should be capable of delivering at least _____ in any position.
1000 gpm
NFPA states that any aerial platform 110 feet or less must be able to be raised from a bedded position to its maximum extension and be able to rotate 90 degrees within ______ seconds or less.
150 seconds or less
NFPA 1901 states that any aerial platform TALLER than 110 feet must be able to be raised from a bedded position to its maximum extension and rotated 90 degrees within....
three are no time requirements for platforms taller than 110 teet
The telescoping aerial platform device in which the construction consists of TUBULAR STEEL welded to form a box shape using cantilever or triangular truss design is called..
Standard articulating aerial platforms range in height from _____ to _____ feet
55 to 85 feet
A fire apparatus that is equipped with a fire pump, water tank, ground ladders and fire hose in addition to a aerial device is called a....
In order to be considered a quint, NFPA 1901 says an apparatus must have a fire pump capacity of_____ and a tank capacity of ____
at least 1000 gpm and 300 gallons
According to NFPA 1901, a quint should store ________feet of 2.5 inch hose and ______ feet of attack hose
800 ft of 2.5 inch and 400 ft of attack hose
To be considered a quint, an apparatus must carry ______ feet of ground ladders.
at least 85 feet
A quint should carry at least one of which type of ground ladder?
at least one each of attic, roof and extension ladders
Most modern aerial apparatus devices are _______ (gear, hydraulic, electronic, or spring activated)
hydraulically activated
Which valve in an aerial hydraulic system prevents overpressurization by limiting the pressure build up in the hydraulic system?
relief valve
Which valve used in the hydraulic system prevents fluid from flowing backwards through a component and acts as a safety feature in the event a leak develops in the system?
check valve
Which valve in an aerial device hydraulic system prevents the unintentional or undesireable motion of the device from its desired position?
counterbalance valve
The three way valve that directs fluid to either the stabilizer control valves or the aerial device control valves is called the ....
selector valve
Cylinders that are capable of receiving oil under pressure from both sides of a piston so that force can be created in either direction are called...
double-acting cylinders
Cylinders that are responsible for elevating the aerial device from its stowed position are called...
Aerial device hoisting cylinders
The cylinders that force the stabilizer arms out and down, taking much of the weight of the apparatus off the suspension of the vehicle are called....
stabilizer cylinders
Duel cylinders of an aerial device that are responsible for EXTENDING the second section of the device are called...
Aerial device extension cylinders
Aerial apparatus turntable decking is made of...
rigid metal plates
Most older types of aerial apparatus have a 3 to 3.5 inch pipe attached to the underside of the base section of the aerial device where a master stream is connected directly to the end of the pipe. This piped aerial ladder waterway is called....
Bed ladder pipe
Bed ladder pipes are usually equipped with a.... (type of nozzle)
solid stream nozzle
Most aerial ladders 110 feet or less, equipped with a telescoping water System have piping that extends...
directly to the tip of the last fly section
Telescoping ladder pipe systems consist of three or four sections that reduce in size. The minimum internal diameter of the pipe is...
4 inches
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