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To restore or replace that which has becomes inoperable best describes...
To keep apparatus in a state of usefulness or readiness...
Volunteer fire departments should establish a procedure whereby fire apparatus is inspected and maintained on a ______basis.
weekly and biweekly
During the first six months after a new piece of apparatus has been received, it should be washed with _______ to help harden the paint and keep it from spotting
cold water
Wax should not be applied to a new vehicle until it is at least _____ (age)
6 Months old
Where should the driver start his walk around?
At the driver\'s door on the cab
Where does the driver\'s walk around end?
inside the cab by starting the engine and performing a functional check of the apparatus\' systems
Pre trip inspections should be performed by career personnel how often?
once a day, preferably at the beginning of the shift
what is the standard for Emergency Vehicle Technician Professional Qualifications?
NFPA 1071
When checking vehicle audible warnings, hearing protection should be worn if noise levels exceed ________decibels.
90 decibels
Process by which the load monitor shuts down less important equipment to prevent overload
Load shedding
On manual transmissions, the distance the clutch pedal must be pushed before the throw-out bearing actually contacts the clutch release fingers is called______.
Free play or free travel
A clutch that does not have enough free play should be______ .
Checked as soon as possible by a certified mechanic
The amount of free play in the steering wheel should not exceed _____ degrees in either direction
10 degrees
A 20\" steering wheel shouldn\'t have any more than ________ inches of free play.
2 inches in each direction
What is the standard for the Inspection, Maintenance, Resting, and Retirement of In Service Automotive Fire Apparatus?
NFPA 1911
Fire apparatus brakes should be tested at least how often?
once annually
During the parking brake test, the apparatus should be parked on a ____ % grade?
When the engine is running at operating rpms, the air pressure should build fro 85 to 100 psi within ______seconds.
45 seconds
To test the road brakes, the driver should allow the vehicle to move forward at a speed of 5mph. The brakes should then be applied firmly. The apparatus should come to a full stop without.....
Pulling to one side Any delay in braking response Making any unusual noises or reactions
To test the parking brake the driver should...
Stop the apparatus, set the parking brake, and then try to move the vehicle forward in low gear
_________ is the only fluid that should be checked while the engine is running.
Automatic transmission fluid
Battery terminals should be cleaned with....
a wire brush and then rinsed with clean water
The apparatus air system should be checked
when the engine is off, with the system at normal operating pressure
The SAE number for oil indicates what characteristic of the oil?
When filling lubrication fill connections,operate the pimp handle of the gun_____
by applying it until resistance is felt
Is testing an aerial device enough to be considered routine maintenance?
No, regular visual and operational inspections are not adequate to ensure the integrity of the device itself.
What position should the aerial device and stabilizers be in when hydraulic fluid is added to the system?
They should both be in their stowed position
What problems should aerial stabilizers be regularly checked for?
Hydraulic fluid leaks and damaged hoses Scoring on the sliding beams or hydraulic pistons, indicating friction Elongation or cracks to the lockpin holes on the stabilizers
What is the Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications?
NFPA 1002
What pressure should the low air pressure warning light and buzzer come on?
60 psi
Airbrake automatic activation is called _____.
When testing air brake automatic activation following the testing of low air warning devices,the parking brake should be released and the brake pedal pumped until the air brake control sets automatically. This should occur between _____ and ____ psi.
20-40 psi
When conducting air compressor cut-in and cut-out you should start the engine and let the air pressure build to normal. When the needle stops climbing the compeesor has cut out. This should occur between....
125-130 psi
At what pressure should the air compressor routinely cut in to build air system pressure back up to normal?
no lower than 85psi
What color is the primary pressure gauge needle?
white or green
What color is the secondary pressure gauge needle?
red or yellow
The maximum weight at which a vehicle can be operated safely on roadways is called its....
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
What would cause an apparatus speedometer to read greater than zero when the vehicle is not moving?
the vehicle is in pump gear
When full, the apparatus air pressure gauge should read between....
100-125 psi
When the apparatus air System is full and the engine is off, the air pressure loss should be no more than ____ psi per minute.
2 psi per minute
With the engine off and the air system full, hold your foot down on the brake pedal. The pressure gauge should not read more than a ___ psi per minute loss.
3 psi per minute
When testing the slack adjusters, the push rod should have no more than ______ of throw.
1 inch of throw
When testing the rotation and extension of the aerial ladder, which should you test first?
It does not matter, as long as you don\'t test them at the same time.
Once a piece of apparatus is placed into service, it should be tested _______ (how often) to ensure that it will continute to perform properly under emergency conditions.
at least once a year
Apparatus tests that are performed before it is place into service are called...
preservice tests
All apparatus undergoes a variety of scientific testing procedures during both preservice and service testing. Three examples of these tests are...
Load testing, nondestructive testing and operational testing
What preservice test is used to determine whether or not a aerial device is capable of safely handling the amount of weight it is rated to carry?
load testing
Which preservice test is used to inspect structural components without physically altering, placing under load or stress, or otherwise damaging the component?
nondestructive testing
Which preservice test is u see to determine that the hydraulic system and structural mechanisms are performing properly and according to the manufacturer\'s specifications?
operational testing
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