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Most driving regulations pertain to which set of road conditions?
Dry, open and clear visibility roads
US Federal law exempts driver/operators of emergency vehicles from...
obtaining a CDL
Which NFPA standard is the standard for a Fire Service Vehicle Operations Training Program?
NFPA 1451
Which NFPA standard sets minimum qualifications for driver/operators?
NFPA 1002
Which NFPA is the Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for fire departments?
NFPA 1582
Driver/operators are regulated by which set of regional rules?
State (or provincial) laws, city ordinances, or departmental SOP
According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health what is the second leading cause of death for firefighters?
vehicle accidents
The promotion of a firefighter to driver/operator should weigh heavily on which criterion?
What procedure should a driver/operator follow when responding to a call and encountering a school bus with its flashing red lights on?
Stop and wait for a proper signal from the bus driver.
At what level are most laws and statutes concerning motor vehicle operations maintained?
state /provincial level
Mechanical ability is not required to become a driver operator
Reading, writing, and math are more important cognitive skills
Which United States government agency establishes the basic requirements for licensing driver/operators?
Who is responsible if a driver/operator becomes involved in an MVC?
The driver/operator and the fire department
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