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Accoridng to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation,what percentage of firefighter injuries and deaths in the US can be attributed to vehicle collisions?
According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, approximately how many firefighters die per year as a result of vehicle collisions and rollovers?
According to the US DOT, studies indicate that deaths to civilians as a result of fire apparatus collisions is...
about the same as firefighter deaths
What normally causes accidents?
Lapses in driver/operator judgement and awareness
What is the NFPA Standard on driver/operator professional qualifications?
NFPA 1002
What are the five basic causes of fire apparatus collisions?
1 reckless driving 2 excessive speed 3 improper backing 4 lack of driving skills and experience 5 poor vehicle design
Poor vehicle design has been shown to be a contributing factor in causing fire apparatus accidents. Which type of appartis is particularly targeted?
Homebuilt vehicles made by members or mechanics
Protective gear should be donned...
before getting on any fire apparatus
What is the NFPA Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus?
NFPA 1901
What is the NFPA Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health?
NFPA 1500
Can the apparatus be driven while hose is being loaded?
Yes, as long as it\'s moving very slowly forward
One or more safety persons used when backing up the apparatus are called...
Which scenario attributes to the most frequent and severe accidents involving aerial apparatus?
collisions at intersections
Gross violation of standing laws, policies, or ordinances by a driver/operator
Field of study that concerns the knowledge and understanding of the environment that is critical to those who need to make decisions in complex areas
How far in back of the apparatus should a spotter stand?
8 to 10 feet
What is the signal a driver/operator should give before moving the apparatus backward?
sound a short blast on the air horn
Which mirror should the spotter position himself in to be most effective?
whichever mirror is on the side of the apparatus that is backing into the most hazardous area
Which spotter\'s hand signal has the spotter extending his hands outward with elbows bent up and both palms facing the spotter\'s face?
backing straight
What spotter\'s handsignal has the spotter outstretch his arms with palms facing down, while moving his palms up and down?
Slow down
Which spotter\'s hand signal is a crossed x in front of tthe spotter?
Which hand signal has the spotter turning palms outward towards the apparatus and motioning back and forth in a pushing action?
pull forward slowly
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