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_____holds information needed for routers to transfer data between subnets?
IP datagram
______ is a piece of  hardware that connects the wire to the network device?
when ________ is combined with a device IP address, it indicates what what type of subnet the device belongs to?
Subnet mask
_______ is the process of dividing a single class of network into multiable smaller ones?
_______ is  a type of cable that has one or more insulated wire pairs encased in a plastic sheath
Unshielded Twisted Pair
In which type of transmission do signals travel in both directions?
what kind of cable is widely used by moder LANS today?
What kind of cable in which the terminations on one end are exactly the reverse of the other end?
Rollover cable
what organization standardizes Commercial buildings wirng?
what type of connector with 25 pins is used in serial communications that is a  standard of the RS-232?
How many fields does a UDP header has?
The distance between corresponding points on a wave's cycle is called?
what protocol is responsible for logical addressing?
What is one  of the most common transmission problems affecting signals ?
What technology is used in fiber optic that enables it to send multiple signals at the same time?
wavelength division multiplexing
In modulation a simple wave called a __wave is combined withanother analog signal to produce a unique signal that gets transmitted from one node to another.
Carrier wave
The more twists per foot in a pair of wires, the more resistant the pair will be to ?
Cross talk
what is the top level domain in
What synchorizes the clocks of computers in a network?
Network Time Protocol
What is RS-232?
It is a physical layer standard for serial communications
WHat does a positive signal in digital transmision represent?
whats the term for hardware that makes up the enterprise-wide cabling system
cable plant
structured cabling is known as which standard?
TIA/EIA's 568 commercial building wiring standard
What protocol is used to log on to remote hosts using TCP/IP protocol? which alos resides on the application layer.
The space that contains connectivity for groups of workstations in a defined area is called what?
Telecommunication closet
What do we call the first Octet in IPv6?
Format prefix
where do circuits interconnect with other circuits?
cross connect facilities
Many network problems can be traced to poor cable______techniques
True or false
UDP is more efficient for carrying messages that fit within one data packet
What is the most frequently discussed and analyzed data transmission characteristic by network professionals
What utility do we use to verify that TCP/IP is installed
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