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What circumstances can the driver/operator become exempt from certain driving statues that apply to the general public?
Only when driving to an emergency scene with all approved audible and visual warning devices activated.
In a non-emergency situation, the driver/operator should allow the vehicle to warm up for a period of...
3-5 minutes
When starting an emergency vehicle, the first thing the d/e needs to know is...
Where the apparatus is going
The first thing a d/e should do when starting a vehicle and begin the response is to....
Disconnect the ground shore lines
The apparatus starter control should be operated at intervals  of ____, with a rest time of _____ beween each try if the vehicle does not start sooner.
30 seconds, with a rest time of 60 seconds between each try.
If after starting the vehivle, the oil pressure gauge does not indicate any reasonable amount of oil pressure within _____ seconds, the d/e should stop the engine immediately and have the lubrication system checked by a trained mechanic.
5 -10 seconds
When driving an automatic transmission emergency vehicle in heavy traffic, the shift selector position should be...
3 or 1-3
When driving an automatic transmission emergency vehicle over moderate grades in moderate traffic, the shift selector position should be...
4 or 1-4
When driving an automatic transmission emergency vehicle down steep hilss or rough terrain, the shift selector position should be...
2 or 1-2
When the throttle is applied and the transmission is in too high a gear for the demand of the engine, this is referred to as...
Overthrottling a diesel engine can result in....
An excess of carbon particles issuing from the exhaust   Oil dilution
When is lugging unavoidable?
When ascending a steep hill
Running the engine at 200-300 rpm lower than the recommended rpm can accomplish what for the engine?
Reduce engine wear
Reduce engine noise Reduce fuel consumption

Long idling periods can result in the use of _____ gallons of fuel per hour
1/2 gallon of fuel per hour
How are long periods of idling bad for an apparatus engine?
Can result in buildup of carbon in the injectors, valves, pistons, and valve seats.
Can also result in misfiring of the engine and damage to the turbocharger shaft seals
When an engine is idlied for a long period of time because of cold weather or operation of scene lights, the high idle should be set at...
900-1,100 rpm
Why should the d/e never shut off the engine while the apparatus s moving?
Cuts off fuel from the fuel injectors
Prevents proper lubrication of the injectors which is required any time the injector punger is moving Can cause fuel pressure to build up behind the shutof valve and prevent it from opening

What is the recommended idle time to allow the engine temp to stabilize after full-load operation before it is shut down?
3-5 minutes
The first step in the shut down process is to...
Place the transmission in park or neutral
What is freewheeling?
Coasting out of gear while driving downhill
How long does it take from the time the d/e presses on the brake pedal until sufficient air pressure is sent to the brake to activate it?
0.4 seconds
Under normal conditions electromagnetic braking systems do not activate at speeds under...?
Under what circumstancdes are emergency vehicles most likely to be involved in collisions?
at intersections
It takes ______ times more distance to stop on snow and ice than it does on dry pavement?
3 to 15 times longer
What is the purpose of the one or two small, yellow warning lights some fire departments have taken to lighting on their apparatus when they are positioned at the scene?
It illuminates the reflective trim on bunker gear better than conventional lighting.
The term used to describe the distance a vehicle travels during the time it takes the driver to transfer his foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal after perceiving the need to stop.
Reaction distance
The term used to describe the distance a vehicle travels from when the brake pedal is applied until the vehicle comes to a complete stop.
Braking distance
Stopping distance is equal to...
Reaction distance + braking distance
Objects that are in motion tend to stay in motion, and its converse law are the basis for the phenomenon known as....
Weight transfer
When a d/e must make an immediate stop in a vehicle equipped with antilock brakes, how should the d/e work the brake pedal?
Maintain steady pressure on the brake pedal
When operating a vehicle NOT equipeed with ABS and the vehicle starts to skid, the d/e should...
Release the brakes to allow the wheels to turn freely, release the clutch (if standard transmission,) and gradually apply power to the wheels once the skid is controlled
When an apparatus is equipped with a \"dry road/slippery road\"switch, how much does the slippery road setting reduce air pressure to the front axle?
What is used in some apparatus to augment the vehicle\'s conventional braking system?
electromagnetic braking systems
The system that helps improve traction on slippery roads by reducing drive wheel overspin is called....
ATC (automatic traction control)
Which lane should be travelled in when operating the apparatus on a multilane road?
Innermost lane
At what speed can a vehicle \"outrun\" its audible warning device?
50 mph
Increasing a vehicle\'s speed by only 20mph can reduce the projected distance of its sirens by up to....
250 feet
Why shouldn\'t high beams be operated constantly on emergency vehicles?
it reduces the visibility of the emergency warning lights
When should audible warning devices be used?
at the discretion of the d/e or company officer
When more than one emergency vehicle is travelling along the same route, units should travel HOW far apart!
300-500 feet
Preemption devices work by controlling traffic lights using what method?
by sending lights from special strobes called emitters to sensors mounted on the traffic signals
The SONEM 2000 system controls traffic lights by....
By utilizing a microphone mounted on the traffic signal that \"hears\" the siren and triggers the light to change
If two emergency vehicles equipped with preemptive devices approach a traffic signal at the same time from two different directions, what will happen?
the vehicle that triggered the device first will get a green light and the other will get a red light.
when executing the alley dock test, the boundary lines for the restricted area should be ...
should simulate curb to curb distance
when setting up a serpentine course,the markers should be between _____ and _______ feet, depending on the size of the apparatus being used.
30 to 38 feet
the confined space turnaround is performed in an area that is at least.....
large enough for the apparatus to turn around
When finishing the dimishing clearance test, the vehicle must end with its front bumper within _____ of the finish line?
6 inches
The angle formed by level ground and a line drawn from the point where the rear wheel touches the ground to the bottom of the frame at wheelbase midpoint is called....
breakover angle
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