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Italian BMT (Biggest Meatiest Tastiest) sandwich
6 Pepperoni, 6 Salami, 4 Ham
Combo Subs
Meatball sandwich
8 Meatballs
1 Meat/Hotwell
Philly Steak sandwich
2 Trays, double cheese
Double Meat
Roast Beef sandwich
8 slices of roast beef
1 Meat/Hotwell
Spicy Italian sandwich
10 pepperoni, 10 salami
Combo Subs
Subway Club sandwich
4 turkey, 2 ham, 4 roast beef
Combo Subs
Subway Melt sandwich
4 turkey, 4 ham, 4 bacon
Combo Subs
BLT sandwich
8 bacon
1 Meat/Hotwell
Chicken & Bacon Ranch sandwich
2 Trays, 4 bacon, double monterey cheddar cheese
Steak + Strips
Chicken Breast sandwich

Chicken Teriyaki sandwich
2 trays
Steak + Strips
Cold Cut Combo sandwich
1 set-up
Combo Subs
Feast sandwich
6 pepperoni, 6 salami, 6 ham, 4 roast beef, 4  turkey
Double meat
ham sandwich
8 slices
1 Meat/Hotwell
Tuna sandwich
4 scoops
1 Meat/Hotwell
Turkey sandwich
8 slices
1 Meat/Hotwell
Turkey and Ham sandwich
4 turkey, 4 ham  combo subs
True or false, you put the drain tray in for green peppers, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers.
True or false, you do not need to put a drain tray for the cheese.
How should you prepare American, Swiss, Pepper Jack, and provolone?
American = 2 packets per container
The rest = 1 packet per container
How do you prepare tuna?
Rub tuna into flakes.
Add mayo and mix with spoon/spatula
Scoop into container w/o drain and wrap with plastic
How do you prepare meatball?
Divide 1 package of thawed meatballs into Amber Cambro pans.
Add 1 pouch of sauce and mix.
Cover with plastic wrap and lid.
How much is a cookie? 3 cookies?
For one, $.49 and for three, $1.39
What are the nine steps to make bread?

  • Panning

  • Retarding

  • Spraying

  • Scoring

  • Floor Retarding

  • Proofer

  • Baking

  • Cooling

  • Storing

How should you pan bread?
With seam-side down.
How long should the dough be in the retarder?
8-12 hours.
At what temperature and humidity should you set the proofer at?
100 - 105 F and humidity between 3-5
After removing the dough sticks from the retarder, how long should the dough be stretched.
Stretch sticks end to end and center.
How should you score bread?
4 diagonal score marks 1/8 in deep and 1.5 in long.
What should the temperature for the dough be until floor retarding is done?
50 - 55 F
When should you spray Italian, wheat, and cheese bread?
After floor retarding.
How long should the breads be left in the proofer and what will it look like?
Proof approximately 50-60 minutes. Dough should reach 75 percent of its final size.
How should you bake the proofed bread?
Preheat to 350 F. Bake until golden brown in color; approximately 13-22 minutes.
How long should the bread be cooled off after being baked?
For 30 minutes.
Setting 1 on the microwave is used for which type of meat most often?
Setting 5 on the microwave is used for which type of meat most often?
True or false, it is okay to put the cookies in the display case while they are still warm.
What is the correct cleaner to use in cleaning the cookie display case?
Mild soap and water.
Properly displaying the cookies can increase cookie sales by how many percent?
29 Percent.
If the baked cookies are too dark, what was the cause?
The baking temperature was too high.
True or false, when placing the cookies in the display case, the cookies are shingled starting from the back.
What does it mean when cookies are too small?
The baking temperature was too high.
What is the cause of the problem when the inside of the baked cookies is raw?
The baking temperature was too high.
Suggesting fresh baked cookies to every customer can increase sales by how many percent?
35 Percent
True or false, it is a good idea when baking dark colored cookies to place one light colored cookie on the tray to help judge when the cookies are done.
How many cookies are part of a meal deal?
True or false, the best place for the cookie display case is on the back counter where it can be seen but is out of the way.
At what temperature must the cookies be cook at and how long?
Cookies must cook for 11-14 minutes at 325 F
Cookies can be stored up to how long?
9 Months from the production date.
True or false, paper towels should be used to clean and dry the display case.
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