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Positioning of the aerial apparatus on the fireground will be at the discretion of?
Incident commander, truck company officer, or driver operator
if a building is less than 5 stories tall, engine companies should be positioned______
on the side of the street closest to the building with the aerial apparatus parked on the outside
what 3 factors should be considered when deciding the proper distance between the objective and the aerial apparatus?
maximum stability, optimum climbing angle, and adequate extension of the aerial ladder.
at what time does stress increase on the aerial device?
improper stablization, wind reaction, wear caused by road travel, and when the aerial devices in motion.
from what position is the best rescue approach?
on a corner of the building from the upwind side
positioning the apparatus is critical to afford the maximum degree of safety to firefighters using the aerial device. this involve positioning apparatus_______ (which side of building?)
on the side of the building opposite of the fire
when attack teams are deployed from an aerial device on the unburned side of a building, who decides when the apparatus should be repositioned?
the firefighters who were deployed from the device
when an aerial device is used for ventilation purposes where should the apparatus be positioned?
on the unburned side , close to the area being ventilated
when deploying firefighters to the roof of a building, aerial platforms should be positioned so that the______
floor of the bucket is at roof level
who is responsible for coordinating ventilation operations at the scene of a fire?
the incident commander
when using a master stream to perform a blitz attack through a window, where in the window should the nozzle be placed?
at the bottom of the window so that the nozzle can be directed towards the ceiling
it is the goal to always maintain the distance of at least_______ feet between the aerial device and overhead electrical lines.
10 feet
which overhead wires are considered hazardous and should be avoided at all costs
all overhead wires, including telephone, electric, and cable tv lines
How should a firefighter exit an apparatus in contact with electrical lines?
jump clear of the apparatus being careful not to touch the apparatus and the ground at the same time
what represents the least stable position of an aerial apparatus?
perpendicular axis
the maximum loading for any unsupported aerial device occurs when the device is operated at angles between_______ and ________ from horizontal.
70 to 80 degrees
level 2 staging is used
when numerous emergency vehicles will be the responding to the same incident
Level I staging is used.....
on every emergency response when two companies that are performing like functions are dispatched
generally who becomes the staging officer during an emergency incident?
the company officer of the first company to arrive at the staging area
additional apparatus arriving to a scene on an interstate highway should park
150 to 200 feet behind the shielding apparatus
most railroad companies advise that vehicles should be kept at least ______ feet from the tracks whenever possible
25 feet
if it is necessary to raise an aerial device over railroad tracks, the device should be kept at least _______ feet above the level of the rails.
25 feet
where should aerial apparatus stage when operating at fuel tanks fires?
on the outside of the dike wall.
An aggressive attack on a fire from the outside of the exterior with a large diameter fire stream is called a...
blitz attack
the term used for positioning apparatus in a location that provides the utmost efficiency for operations on the fire ground
the method of removing ice from an aerial device by slowly extending and retracting it is called
ice shrugging
what is the primary spotting consideration associated with hot weather?
extreme heat may tend to weakened marginal or otherwise firm paved surfaces
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