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what is the length base unit for SI
What is the mechanical equivalent of heat
1 calorie = 4.187 J
How does temp affect the rate of heat transfer
the greater the difference in temp between 2 bodies, the greater the heat transfer
what disrupts the transmision of radiated energy
reflective materials
what reaction gives off energy as it occurs
explosions are a result of what kind of reaction
a rapid reaction with fuel and an oxidizer
what components must come together for combustion to occur
oxidizing agent, fuel, heat, and a self sustained chemical reaction
what affect would an oxygen enriched atmosphere have on a fire
some petroleum based materials autoignite
what two factors influence the combustiion process
Physical state and distribution of fuel
what events must occur for spontanious combustion to occur
the materials surrounding the fuel must prevent heat from dissipating
what would best describe a flashover
the transition between the growth and the fully involved stage
what is pyrolysis
when a substance starts to give off gas as a result of heat
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