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What is another common name for a fire apparatus \" stabilizer \"?
why is it recommended that stabilizers be deployed even if the aerial device is only to be raised a few feet from the cradle?
to minimize stress on the suspension
are there any conditions under which the extension of the apparatus outriggers would be unnecessary?
where is the center of gravity in an aerial apparatus?
somewhere along the longitudinal midline of the chassis
the theoretical safety zone that surrounds the center of gravity on an aerial apparatus is called the-
gravity circle
which condition would cause the gravity circle of a stabilized aerial apparatus to shift off the longitudinal center line of the apparatus?
when the aerial ladder is rotated to the low side of the vehicle parked on a slope
what is short jacking?
setting the stabilizers on one side of the vehicle shorter than stabilizers on the opposite side of the vehicle
stabilizers that extends down and away from the chassis at an angle are called-
A-frame stabilizers
stabilizers that extend straight away from the vehicle and have jacks that extend straight down to the ground are called-
box stabilizers
jacks that extend down from the chassis are called-
straight jacks
modern aerial apparatus and aerial ladders are powered by which of the following?
only hydraulic systems
pneumatic systems require _______ of air pressure for the pto to be operated.
50 to 140 psi
What does it mean when the engine speed increases when first deploying the stabilizers?
The stabilizers are being properly deployed
When extending the stabilizer how can the driver be sure the stabilizers are resting properly on the ground and are prepared to bear the weight of the apparatus?
The bulge disappears from the bottom of the tires
Which type of stabilizer requires the operator to alternately raise the stabilizer jacks on each side of the vehicle in order to raise the apparatus into a working position?
All types
Which surface can be made stable for a stabilizer pad by the use of cribbing ?
frozen ground
Under what circumstances is chocking of the tires of an aerial apparatus deemed to be an unnecessary precaution ?
When the stabilizers are designed to lift the apparatus off the ground
What authority should the driver defer to when determining how to chock the aerial apparatus
The apparatus manufacturer
It is often desirable to have a second firefighter position on the other side of the vehicle while deploying the stabilizers. What is the purpose of thisz?
To prevent personnel and civilians from wandering into the path of the outriggers
Where is the stabilizer selector valve located on the aerial apparatus?
Midship on the driver side or at the rear step of the vehicle
Shifting the stabilizer selector valve into position will result in what action ?
Provide hydraulic power to the stabilizer system
When the slope of the ground is perpendicular to the long axis of the vehicle the grade is referred to as ...
lateral grade
When the slope of ground is parallel to the long axis of the apparatus is referred to as ...
longitudinal grade
When stabilizing an aerial apparatus on uneven terrain correction for lateral unevenness can be achieved on grades up to ...
5 to 6%
What is the proper procedure to stabilize an aerial apparatus on a lateral grade?
First raise the jacks on the high side of the vehicle until they touch the ground and then lower the jacks on the low side of the vehicle until the vehicle is level and the interlocks can be activated
Articulating aerial devices should be operated off of which side of the vehicle?
The rear of the apparatus when ever possible
When parked on a longitudinal grade do not extend or retract the aerial device off of which side of the vehicle?
The sides of the vehicle . Extend or retract the aerial device off of the front or back whenever possible
The holding valves prevent the movement of fluid in the hydraulic stabilization system. How are these holding valves actuated?
The valves are tripped when the operator moves the hydraulic selector switch to the aerial position
What safety feature to most box stabilizers have to protect against inadvertent dropping of the jacks?
A steel pin insert in the bottom post of the elevating jack
What safety precautions should the driver take into account before raising or retracting the stabilizers?
Ensure the chocks are removed from the tires and all personnel are clear of the apparatus
A rotating shaft that transfers power from the engine to auxiliary equipment is called ....
power takeoff system , or PTO
A device that mounts on or within the engine overhead that is used to alter a diesel engines compression in order to slow the vehicle is called ...
The Jacobs engine brake or Jake brake
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