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who has aerial platform control override...d/e@ top or bottom?
d/e at the bottom controls
Scanning far enough ahead to insure evasive action is the definition of...
Visual lead time
aerial placement for buildings over 5 stories
aerial is placed closest to the building, engine is on the outside
auxillary cooler
cools the engine, not the pump
foam eductor must be no higher than ? above the foam concentrate
ladder placement for rescue
corner of the building, upwind side
placement for ventilation
ladder-extended at least 6ft over, unburned side, as close to the area being vented platform- floor at roof level
frozen fdc Tx
twist method or double male/double female
foam application for above ground tank
rain down method
relay pumping requires a residual intake pressure of?
20 psi
mechanical foam requires?
aeration and proportion
blitz attack
nozzle aimed from window up to ceiling
When a firefighter at the nozzle reports a drop in pressure without a drop in the pump pressure that indicates what?
A burst hose.
What is the best way to do a shuttle operation?
In a circular pattern.
Which valve is the most common type of valve?
ball valve
When operating the pump primer, what should the RPM's be at?
1000-1200 RPM's
After engaging the pump and exiting the truck, what should the driver do next?
chock the wheels
Which fly sections of the aerial ladder are raised by cables and pulleys?
the third, fourth and fifth
Per NFPA standards, what is the minimum number of SCBA's required on an aerial apparatus?
1 for each seated position, with a minimum of 4
The communications at the tip of an aerial apparatus ladder must be what type of communications?
"hands free"
Most control pedestals have 3 separate levers that control what?
elevation, extension and rotation
What prevents the flow of hydraulic fluid into or out of the stabilization system while the aerial device is in use?
the interlock
Class B foams are used in what percentages? What is the percentage for hydrocarbons and what is the percentage for polar solvents?
Class B foam is used at 1 to 6%. 1 to 3% for hydrocarbons (ie. gas) 3 to 6% for polar solvents
aerials are weakest in what position
full extension, low angle
how many 2.5 in discharges to meet rated capacity?
250 gpm/ discharge, or 4 for 1000gpm pumper
what does discharge relief valve do?
dump from discharged 2 intake
water expands to steam at?
1700 x
what are the assembly of bars or rods which form a rigid framework for an aerial ladder?
what does the alignment indicator do?
aligns ladder for stowing
what engine fluid can you check while engine is running or hot?
what affects centrifugal pump
amt of water being discharged

speed of impeller

pressure of h2o entering the pump
what are the most common modern fire pumps?
what feature on platforms protect it from heat and fire?
75 gpm curtain nozzle
why should you stand on the platform when operating aerial?
view and avoid electrocution
which aerial controls can override the other?
lower control station
how many control stations are required on an aerial platforms apparatus? at street level and one on the platform.
what do you do when approaching schoolbus with stop warning?
make eye contact and wait to be waived through
drafting elevations and length
10ft up, 20ft hose

dependable lift 14.7ft

theoretical lift 33.8ft

max lift 25ft
selector valve
switches hydraulics from jacks to ladder
primary problems with highway incidents?
visibility, access, water supply, safety
what to do if you skid with no ABS breaks
release the brakes, turn front wheels into the direction of the skid
pull primer how long max?
30 sec., then wait 60 sec to repeat
Most newer aerial ladders are equipped with what type of waterway?
telescoping waterway
How do you increase water flow from the source to the fire, during relay operations?
add another pumper in the relay
If none of the attack lines are ready to be charged by the time the pump pressure has built up, what can be done to allow water to circulate?
partially open the pump-to-tank line (tank fill valve) pg. 321
The best way to effect a blitz attack, is by putting the nozzle of the elevated master stream where and do what?
Place the nozzle about even with the bottom of the window and try to deflect the water off the ceiling of the fire room (about a 30° angle)
The 5 types of aerial devices that IFSTA recognizes are:
1. aerial ladders
2. aerial ladder platforms
3. telescoping aerial platforms
4. articulating aerial platforms
5. water towers
NFPA 1901 classifies aerial devices in 3 basic categories:
aerial ladders, elevating platforms, and water towers
Aerial apparatus used for rescue should be placed where? Why?
At the corner of the building. Access to 2 sides of the building and less vulnerable in the event of a structural collapse
IFSTA recommends that what be fully deployed every time the aerial device is raised from it's bed?
the stabilizers and stabilizer pads ( also known as outriggers and jackplates)
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