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Hostname# show startup-config
displays the configuration stored in NVRAM
Hostname# conf term
use to execute configuration commands from the terminal
Hostname# config mem
executes configuration commands stored in NVRAM; copies startup-config to running-config
Hostname# boot system tftp
tells router which IOS file on the tftp server to boot from
Hostname# boot system rom
tell router to boot from ROM at next boot
Hostname# copy flash tftp
Copies flash to tftp server
Hostname# copy tftp flash
Restores flash from tftp server
Hostname# copy run tftp
Copies the current running-config to tftp server
Hostname# copy tftp run
Restores the running-config from tftp server
Hostname# reload
restarts the router
Hostname# show ver
Cisco IOS version, uptime of router, how the router started, where system was loaded from, the interfaces the POST found, and the configuration register
Hostname# show proto
shows which protocols are configured
Hostname# banner motd # Your_message #
Set/change banner
Hostname# hostname <name>
use to configure the hostname of the router
Hostname# clear counters
clear interface counters
Hostname(config-if)#clock rate 6400
set clock on DCE (bits per second)
enable secret <password_here>
set encrypted password for privilegedaccess
enable password <password_here>
set password for privileged access (used when there is no enable secret and when using older software)
Set password for console access
(config)#line console 0
(config-line)#password <password_here>
Set password for virtual terminal (telnet) access (password must be set to access router through telnet)
(config)#line vty 0 4
(config-line)#password <password_here>
Set password for auxiliary (modem) access
(config)#line aux 0
(config-line)#password <password_here>
sh running-config
details the running configuration file (RAM)
Will start the the automatic setup; the same as when you first boot the router
config net
used to retrieve configuration info from a TFTP server
copy running-config startup-config
copies saved config in running config (RAM) to NVRAM or "write memory" for IOS under ver.11
copy startup-config running-config
copies from non-volatile (NVRAM) to current running config (RAM)
boot system flash <filename_here>
tells router which IOS file in flash to boot from
Hostname(conf-if) no shutdown
enables the interface
Hostname# show clock
shows date and time on router
Hostname# show history
shows the history of your commands
Hostname# show debug
shows all debugging that is currently enabled
Hostname# no debug all
turns off all debugging
Hostname# show users
shows users connected to router
Hostname# show processes
shows active processes running on router
Hostname# show process cpu
shows cpu statistics
Hostname# show mem
shows memory statistics
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