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What is the path of Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation?
Vena Cava -> Right atrium -> Tricuspid Valve -> Right ventricle -> Pulmonary Valve -> Pulmonary arteries -> Lungs -> Pulmonary veins ->Left Atrium -> Bicuspid Valve -> Left Ventricle -> Aortic Valve
Size of heart?
Size of fist
What is the Mediastinum?
Space with heart, trachea, esophagus, and connective tissues. Mostly muscle tissue.
What is the Pericardium?
Sac that protects heart and achors it in the chest. Surrounded by serous fluid to prevent friction.
Wjat os Cardoac Tamponade
When a large fluid volume accumulates in pericardial sac putting pressure and stress on the heart.
What are the three layers of the heart?
Epicardium Myocardium Endocardium
Wjat are Traneculae located and what are they?
Located in the endocardium, Traneculae are divits in the wall.
What is Endocaditis?
When bacteria destroy tissue in the trabeculae
What is Angina pectoris?
Heaviness or pain in the chest possibly due to inability to deliver nutrients and O2 to cardiac cells because atherosclerotic plaque blocks coronary arteries causing accumulation of lactic acid and possible cardiac death.
What is angioplasty?
Pushing open a coronary vessel sometimes keeping it open with a stent
Sometimes need to be repeated every 18 months.
What is Coronary Bypass?
Using a new vessel to go around a blockage
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