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If you have more than five subpoints, you may want to place some of them under another point.
Mapping is a technique that uses geometric shapes to indicate the logical relationship between main idea, subpoints, and supporting materials.
What is one of the features of the standard outline form?
Use at least two subdivisions, if any, for each point.
When should a speaker edit their speech?
As the speaker is practicing from the preparation outline and discovers there is too much information.
When using indentation in an outline, indent to
the first word under the point above.
Conventional use of numbered and lettered heading and subheadings to indicate the relationships among parts of the speech is known as a
standard outline form.
In an outline, Roman numerals are used to indicate
the main ideas.
Your introduction should be about ten percent of your speaking time; the same ten percent estimate applies to your conclusion.
Write you preparation outline in phrases like those you will use when delivering your speech.
What aspect of standard outlining procedure is violated in the following example?

I. The Rocky Mountains were formed in stages, over a long period of time. 
1. Mountains are affected by geographic and environmental events. 
2. Mountains provide a sort of "blueprint" as to what has occurred in a 
certain region. 
II. The Rockies are younger mountains than the Swiss Alps.
According to the text, what is the purpose of using complete sentences in a preparation outline?
This will help you judge the coherence of the speech.
What does your textbook state is the major benefit of using standard outline form?
It points out relationships between ideas and supporting material.
If you are using a word processing program, you may find it easier to format your outline with the Autoformat feature turned off.
Why would the following be an example of an incomplete standard outlining form? 

I. Current local efforts to recycle common household products are 
increasingly successful. 
A. More community involvement 
1. Each day more types of items are added to the list of what can be
2. People are becoming more aware of local recycling centers.
The subpoint is not written out as a complete sentence.
To begin your outlining task, you might try a technique known as mapping or clustering.
One of the hardest error for audiences to forgive is for speaking too short.
Main ideas, points, subpoints, and supporting material must be indented properly.
Main ideas, points, subpoints, and supporting material must be indented properly.
Marissa's speaking notes were filled with drawings, words, and symbols. Is this a fine method for creating speaking notes?
Yes; it is fine to prepare your notes in any form as long as they make sense to you.
Standard outline form lets you see at a glance the exact relationship among various main ideas, subpoints, and supporting material in your speech.
Eliminate phrases that add no meaning to your message
Bernard is rehearsing a class demonstration speech that he has to present in two days. As he rehearses from his delivery outline, he continues to revise the outline. He changes the order of some points, deletes some extraneous detail, and reworks his conclusion. According to your textbook, is this kind of revision advisable?
Yes; this kind of revising of the delivery outline is expected and helpful during rehearsal.
You can cut some time form your speech if you just get to the point
Susanne wrote her preparation outline but decided that it contained too much material. She went back to her speech and thought about who her audience would be. She then cut two of her main points out of her speech. Was this a good way to minimize her information?
Yes; Suzanne was considering her audience. She removed two points because she decided her audience did not need to know this information.
Writing down your main ideas, subpoints, and supporting material, then using geometric shapes and arrows to indicate logical relationships is a technique known as
Sandy decided that she needed almost all of her material on her delivery outline because she had so many statistics and direct quotations. She liked to use note cards so that she could move from the podium but was distressed to find she had fifteen note cards. When delivering the speech, she dropped her cards and couldn't find her place.What does your text suggest to help a speaker avoid a situation like this?
Don't have too many cards, if possible; always be sure and number them.
The specific purpose should be worked into the outline itself.
The delivery outline is
much shorter than the preparation outline and tailored to the individual speaker.
A delivery outline is a detailed outline of a speech that includes main ideas, subpoints, and supporting material.
On the evaluations for your previous two speeches, you received a comment about a "speedy vocal delivery." You want to make sure not to repeat that mistake on your next speaking assignment, so you write in the margins of your note cards "Slow down." Is this proper for speaking notes?
Yes; comments like this are effective delivery reminders on speaking notes.
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