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An articulating device designed for aerial application of water is called
A water Tower
What is the knuckle in and articulating aerial apparatus?
The joint between the two booms
When deploying an articulating aerial device at low elevations, what is a safety concern for device operators that is not a safety concern for telescoping device operators?
The knuckle of the device will be behind the apparatus operator and out of his or her vision during the deployment
Why is the operator required to stand on a slide out platform from the apparatus while deploying an articulating aerial device?
To prevent electrocution of the operator if the boom comes in contact with power lines
What is the first action the driver of an articulating aerial apparatus must do when arriving at the fire ground?
Position the apparatus properly and set the brakes
What is the basket stabilizer?
Devices that support the platform during road travel
Once the hold down locks and stabilizers are released, what is the operators next procedure in deploying and articulating aerial device?
Make the hose connection to the appropriate waterway or pump intake
If the water tower will be supplied by an external water pump where will the intake connection be located on the articulating aerial apparatus?
Usually at the rear step area Of the apparatus
What must ground operators of articulating aerial devices be particularly careful of while deploying the device?
Obstructions behind their position
Why would the operator activate the platform controls before permitting firefighters to board the platform, even if the operator will still have primary responsibility for deployment?
So that firefighters in the basket will have control of the device in the event of an emergency
Which is the correct procedure for loading firefighters onto articulating aerial platforms?
Lower the platform to the ground
What is the appropriate procedure for deploying the articulating aerial platform once loaded?
There is no established operational procedure
What is the proper procedure for raising and articulating aerial platform to rescue a fire victim at the fifth story window ?
Raise the platform to a position above the victim and slightly away from the building wall, then slowly lower the platform down to the victim for rescue
When would the operator activate the cylinder or turntable locks for a deployed articulating aerial device?
When the aerial device is going to stay in a set position for an extended period of time
In order to preserve the stability of the apparatus, articulating aerial platforms should always be operated in what position?
Ahead of the turntable
What is the proper sequence of actions for preparing to lower and articulating aerial device??
Disengage the cylinder turntable locks, drain the waterway, check the boom retrieval path for obstructions, and rotate booms until they are aligned in the cradle
Before lowering the boom and the cradle, what task must an operator do to ensure that no damage is done to the booms?
Ensure that the lower boom holddown locks are open and ready to take the boom
What two point of contact must the operator pay special attention to when lowering and positioning the articulating aerial device?
The platform end of the device and the hinge between the upper and lower booms
what is the key to operating an articulating aerial device on a grade?
Optimum positioning, proper stabilization, and knowing the load restrictions of a given grade
Most aerial device manufacturers allow operation in winds up to ....
35 - 40 mph
During Master stream operations, what happens to the maximum load capacity of the articulating aerial platforms?
Maximum load capacity of the platform decreases in direct proportion to the nozzle reaction force as measured in pounds
How is the platform shower curtain deployed?
by a foot pedal or valve on the platform
Why should the operator always rotate the turntable to face the fire /rescue area before extending the device?
To avoid unsafe positioning of the tip of the platform
the telescoping or articulating arm Portions of an elevating platform aerial device are called
What is the weight of one cubic inch of ice?
0.03 lbs
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