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Rescue, exposure protection, elevated fire attack and ventilation can all be defined as
Operational strategies
What is the most preferred method for removing victims from upper stories of a burning structure?
Rescue via interior stairways or exterior fire escapes
Victims on which floor should receive first priority in rescue situation?
The person on or immediately above the fire floor
How should victims trapped in a multi story structure fire be prioritized for rescue, based on their location in the building?
1) victims on or one floor above the fire floor 2) groups of multiple victims in different areas of the building 3) all remaining victims in the fire area 4) victims in the exposed area
Which ladder position generates the least amount of twisting or rotating forces on the aerial device?
Perpendicular to the object
What stabilization tactic should be employed by the operator when the aerial ladder is to be deployed in an unsupported position?
Ensure that the tip of the ladder extends 4 to 6 inches above the target.
How should the aerial be deployed when site conditions require that the ladder be aligned at an angle to the target? ?
the ladder is raised above and slightly over the target
What is the appropriate procedure for extending an aerial ladder to a victim
Initially aim the aerial device above the victim and lower it to meet the victim
In addition to proper deployment what next action must the operator take to make the ladder a more rigid structure?
Fully seat the extension locks
What is the proper method for positioning an aerial ladder for a window rescue?
Place the ladder tip with the top ladder rung even with the window sill
What is the proper positioning of an aerial platform for a window rescue?
The top railing of the platform adjacent to the window opening
How should the aerial ladder be positioned for a rooftop rescue?
The ladder tip should extend at least 6 feet above the roofline.
What is the correct approach when rescuing from rooftops with tall parapets?
Extend the aerial ladder at least 6 feet above the parapet and then deploy a roof ladder from the tip of the aerial ladder to the roof
What is the accepted method for removing a conscious adult victim from a building utilizing an aerial platform?
The platform is lowered so that the top railing of the platform is even to the windowsill or balcony railing and the victim is assisted into the platform by the onboard firefighter
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