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Cyclin Dependent Kinases (Cdk)
  • Master regulatory kinases
  • Focus on mitotic - activity high @ mitosis
    • Cyclin activity slowly increases
    • Explosion of M-Cdk = positive feedback threshold - inhib wee, enhance cdc25
  • Changes in cell Based on phosphorylation
    • Break down nucleas (Phos- lamins)
    • Chromosome condense (phos condensin)
    • Microtubule shape change (phos proteins)
    • mCdk inactivation (at end)
Regulating Cdk
Regulating Cdk:
  1. Requires cyclin to be bound (partially active)
    1. Ubiquitylation of cyclin inactivates cdk
  2. Activity enhanced by CAK phophorylation
    1. Cdk activation kinase
  3. Dual phosphorylation inactivates
    1. Wee1 kinase phos
    2. Cdc25 phosphatase removes
  4. Emergency activity cease by CKI
    1. Cdk inhibitor
DNA damage check point
DNA damage check point:
  1. Dna damage (xray, uv, etc)
  2. Kinase chain activation -> phos p53
  3. Inhibit degredation
  4. P53 bind to p21 gene -> CKI
  5. Inactivate Cdk
Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH)
Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH)
  1. Inherited heterozygous mutation
    • Okay since 1 working makes up for nonfunctional
  2. Random uncaught mutation in 2nd copy = LOH
    • Can develop cancer if happens in tumor suppressor (p53)
  3. Nondisjunction, recombination, gene conversion, deletion, mutation. 
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