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\"We can do it\" poster of a woman
Campaign to encourage women to seek work in wartime industrial plants
The start and end of the Age of Discovery
15th Amendment
Guaranteed black Americans the right to vote
1763-1776 - Tension Built between America and England
English Mercantile policy discouraged economic independence, Colonial concepts of political and ecnomic freedom, Colonies used boycotts and other measures. Declaration of Independence stated the purposes for the Colonial break with England.
1776 - 1781
The American Revolution was fought to obtain independence
1787 - 1823
The New Nation - Alexander Hamilton was part of this era
The need for a strong central government led to the framing of the constituion in what year
17th Amendment
Senators to be directly elected by the people
Texas annexed to the United States
Oregon annexed to the United States
1861 - 1865
Years of the Civil War
18th Century
Three fourths of white population was middle class
1932 - 1938
Franklin Roosevelt initiated The New Deal
1979 - 1981
Iranian Hostage Situation Years
Soviets invade Afghanistan
Noriega was removed from Panama through the use of U.S. force in
The Tianament Square pro-democracy movement in China occurred in
Eastern European Communism collapsed in
Economic sanctions were lifted against South Africa when it shifted away from apartheid in
Hussein invaded Kuwait
The Cold War officially ended at the Bush-Gorbachev Summits in
1991 - 1992
Persian Gulf War
Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991.
26th Amendment
Gave 18 year old the right to vote.
2nd & 3rd Amendment
Gave people the right to stand up to Government
300 Billion Dollars
The Savings and Loan bankruptcies resulted in massive federal intervention to cover
3500 - 3000 BC
Mesopotamian Civilization Period
Achumawi,Deer in Noorthern CA, plentfiu. venison and deerskin for clothing. Shamans played a key role, had healing ability from tamakomi, \"medicine or power. Half of shamans were women.
Advances in transportation and communication
Greatest effect on the growing political
Primary economic activity in Arabia
Aided in Industrial Growth of America
Communcation and Transportation
Aids to settlement of the West
Homestead Act (1862); Transcontinental Railroad (1869)
Aircraft industry/WWII
Industry major turning point in California
Attempt to change base metals into gold
Amendment to the Constituion Requires
Two thirds vote of Congress and then three fourths vote of the states to ratify
American civilizations in chronological order
American Revolution Chronological Order
Stamp Act
The Homestead Act of 1862 led to a displacement of this group
An important development in CA society during Mexican rule 1821-1848
Growing criticism of the mission system prompted efforts to transfer mission holding into private hands
Andrew Jackson
In 1829 inaugural address
Angel Island
California\'s \"Ellis Island\" entry point for many European immigrants to US
Antietam Battle
Battle that followed the second Bull Run
Victory gave Lincoln the right moment to make the Emancipation Procolomation
Feared a strong central government
Appomattox Courthouse
Lee surrendered to Grant
A man-made channel constructed to convey water from one location to another
Arab-Isreali War (1974)
Created an oil embargo
Article of Confederation Weaknesses
National Government did not have the power to regulate foreign trade
Articles of Confederation Dates
1781 - 1789
Articles of confederation designed to
Protect sovereignty of the states
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