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Who must sign a mortgage and the note?
Comingling as used in the Real Estate License Act, is:
when a broker places escrow into the company's operating account.
Standard forms of TREC:
must be used by real estate licensees in all transactions to which forms are applicable.
Under the federal Fair Housing Act, which of the following is exempt?
religious organizations giving prefernce to their members in renting church-owned housing.
A licensee aggrieved by a ruling of the Texas Real Estate Commission can appeal to:
district court
Which of the following is included in a survey?
All of the following would be cause to suspend or revoke a license being held by a broker or salesman under Real Estate License Act except:
revealing to an owner an offer which your knowledge and experience convince you to be well below "fair market value"
What would not be considered a property lien?
leased land
Authority of real estate salesman to act as an agent would cease
with the death of a sponsoring broker
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