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Piaget identified....
The way children processors information
Psychology is
The empirical study of behaviour and mental processes
Humanists were a response to
Behaviorism and psychoanalysis
father of modern psych
Functionalism purpose, inspired by, interested in and what kind of psych
Find purpose of conscious thought Darwins theory Adult minds Empirical
functionalism lead to....which lead to....
Behaviorism, applied psych
Order of psych theories
Structuralism Functionalism Psychoanalysis Behaviorism Humanist Cognitive revolution Evolutionary psych
Birthdate of cog rev ?
Spawn of physiology and philosophy ?
Behaviorism studied...
Observable behaviour
Basic and applied science coexist bc...
Basic needs money to fund their research but the public only card about applied science
Behaviorism\'s metaphor was....
Mind a black box
Metaphor of a stream was....
Structuralism purpose, inspired by, interested in and what kind of psych
Break down mental thought into components Natural sciences Fully formed adult minds Empirical (trained introspection)
Who made psych scientific
Basic science is ....
Generates theory Accumulates knowledge Describe, predict and explain behavior
What was different about behaviorism ?
Took mind out completely
Structuralism failed bc...
Too subjective
Humanist emphasized
Free will and personal growth
Founded apa?
Behaviorism was ______ determinism
Psychoanalysis purpose, inspired by, interested in and what kind of psych
Unexpressed sexual and aggressive urges in unconscious Darwin Childhood experiences and abnormal mind Applied
Current approaches in psych?
Cog and evolutionary
Skinner is famous for saying
free will is an illusion
Cog revolution was....
The idea that the mind processed information equally. Reintroduced the mind
Radical rxn to structuralism and functionalism?
Positive psychology is
Exmpt on humans to make them happier
Empiricism is ...
Knowledge based on observation
Cog rev\'s metaphor
Year psych invented ?
Applied science
Modify behavior Applies knowledge to help solve problems
First formal lab in north america + year ?
Stanley hall, 1883
Order of ppl
Wudnt James Freud Watson Rogers Piagiat Daly, tooby, cosmos
First lab and scientific journal ?
explanations which lack proof
What was evolutionary psych
Mind processes information but NOT equally bc of natural selection Investigates function of cognitive mechanisms
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