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802.3af Power over ethernet (POE)
Industry standard method of supplying power over an Ethernet cable to attached devices
Cisco Inline power
Cisco proprietary, prestandard method of supplying power over an Ethernet cable to attached devices.
Virtual LAN (VLAN)
A configuration used to break a switch into multiple broadcast domains and IP subnets.
Trunk port
A port on a cisco switch that specifically configured to transmit multiple VLAN\'s trunks. Trunks are typically used between switch devices and router on a stick configurations.
Inter switch link (ISL)
A cisco proprietary trunking protocol, which has been replaced by the industry standard 802.1Q
Industry standard trunking protocol that allows traffic for multiple VLAN\'s to be sent between switches.
VLAN Trunking protocol (VTP)
A cisco proprietary protocol that replicates VLAN database information to all switches participating in the same VTP domain.
Dynamic trunking protocol (DTP)
Allows switches to dynamically negotiate trunk links
Router on a stick
An inter VLAN routing configuration that allows a single router to move data between VLAN\'s by using a fast Ethernet or greater interface broken into sub interfaces connected to a switch trunk port
Switched virtual interface
A routed interface on a switch
Network time protocol
Synchronize the clock of a network device to more accurate NTP server
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