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by hmeade

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the belief about the worth of something that matters
value system
organization of values ranked in continum of importance
professional values
altruism - the concern for the welfare and well-being of others autonomy- right to self determinitation human dignity - respect for the inherent worth and uniqueness of individuals and population integrity - acting in accordance with an appropriate code ethics and sccepted standards of practice social justice - upholding moral, legal, and humanistic principles
value process
choosing - freely, from alternitaves after consideration of consequences prizing - with pride and happiness and public affirmation acting - with incorperation of ones behaivor of the choice
encompassing a number of fields and disiplines grouped broadly under the rubric life sciences
clinical ethics
branch of bioethics literally concerned with ethical probs at the bed side
nursing ethics
subset of bio ethics is the formal study of ethical issues that arise in prac of nursing and of the analysis used by nurses to make ethical judgements
principles of bioethics
autonomy - self determinitation nonmaleficence - avoid causing harm beneficence - benifit the patient, benefits against risk and harm justice - give his or due.... act fairly fidelity - keep promises
principle based approach
to ethics combines elements of both utilitarian and deontologic theories and offers specific action guides for practice
the rightness or wrongness of an action depends on the consequences of the action
an action is right or wrong independent of its consequences
care-based approach
directs attention to the specific situations of individuals patients viwed within the context of their life narrative
feminist ethics
critique existing patterns of oppression and dominantion in society especially as this affects women and the poor
the protection and support of anothers rights
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