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Which branch of social theory is most likely to agree with the statement "age is a state of mind"?
Symbolic Interactionism
_____ suggests that men are more likely to choose female partners who look like their mothers, while women are more likely to choose male partners who look like their fathers.
parent image theory
As recently as 2006, around _____ percent of Americans agreed that a spanking is "sometimes needed" to discipline children.
Raising a child from birth to age 18 generally costs
3 to 4 years' worth of family income
Research shows that the percentage of children living with two biological parents varies widely by race and ethnicity. Which of the following groups in the U.S. is MOST likely to have children living with two biological parents?
Asian Americans
Which fertility method is used to encourage women's bodies to release more eggs?
hormone therapy
_____ suggests that siciety regulates the sexual behavior of women by leaving them with the majority of the responsibility for birth control.
Conflict Theory
The national unemployment rate rose to nearly_____ in 2009.
In _____, adoptive parents and biological parents are in contact with one another, and the child can grow up knowing both sets of parents.
open adoption
Traditional, or _____ family, refers to a husband, wife, and their biological children, all of whom live together.
Your test notes several circumstances in which re-nested family living is particularly stressful. Which of the following is NOT one of the circumstances noted by your text?
All of these were identified as circumstances that are particularly likely to cause stress in re-nested families.
Which of the following is NOT typical of the upper-class in the United States?
On average, they spend three times as much to raise a child as do lower-class households.
Among heterosexual couples, what percentage identify vaginal sex as their preferred sexual activity?
_____ is a less pressurized form of dating, common among undergraduates, and which may appeal to people who don't intend to settle down until their 30's. 
Pack dating
_____ is the specific term used for the act of forcing sexual intercourse on a nonconsenting date or partner.
date rape
Researchers suggest that negative effects of cohabitation are more pronounced among those who _____, because these relationships may indicate insecurity, whereas among couples who _____ there does not seem to be much of a cohatitation effect or negative behavior tendencies.
are cohabiting to test the relationship; plan to marry at the time of cohabitation
_____ is the psychoanalytic theory that people develop a model image of their mate based on their early childhood experiences.
ideal mate theory
The segmented model has come to be termed _____, as it does not reflect the lived experience of families in our modern world.
the myth of separate worlds
In which form of infertility treatment is there a risk that a surrogatte may end up impregnanted with a pregnancy that she did not intend?
surrogate embryo transfer
In 2009, Miss USA pageant contestant Carrie Prejean gave a controversial answer to a question about
gay marriage.
_____ is the term used for the breakdown of an engagement.
When grandparents live close to their adult children and grandchildren, they may sometimes serve as a(n) _____, and provide care as needed without needing to make or enforce disciplinary rules.
reserve parent
In the first stage of stepfamily formation, families are often divided along biological lines and children often hope
that their parents would get back together.
Timothy is a three-year-old child living in a mobile home in a mountainous region of the United States. His home has no running water and no heat. Often there is insufficient food to eat, there is no money for doctor visits or medicine if family members become ill, and in winters his mother bundles him up under blankets so that he does not get frostbite or hypothermia. Timothy can be said to be experiencing
absolute poverty
According to your text, voluntary childlessness tends to be associated with
all of the above.
The _____ is the term for the phenomenon in which couples who cohabit before marriage are more likely to divorce.
cohabitation effect
_____ is discrimination in the workplace or other areas because of age.
The functionalist view of aging focuses on
the functional roles played by adults that help maintain society.
_____ are children who care for themselves for some portion of the day.
Latchkey children
_____ is the estimated number of new HIV infections occurring in a given year.
HIV prevalence estimate.
In 2006, _____ percent of U.S. households were headed by a single parent.
Since 1978, the federal government has prohitited age discrimination against workers up to age
_____ don't view family variations as right or wrong, but rather consider them to be unique constructs with meaning for each family and for each individual. 
Symbolic interactionists
_____ parents are more likely to see a child's behavior is being reflective of the parent's parenting.
middle class
Carol is in high school. She has enough to eat, has save housing, and clothing to wear. She does not have designer clothing like many of  her friends do, however, nor does she have an iPod or a cell phone. Carol complains to her mother that she "hates being poor". Carol's frustration is due to
relative poverty
_____ is the term used to describe a home after the youngest child has grown up and moved out. 
empty nest
_____ parenting is the most nurturing, and provides the most warmth, support, and acceptance. 
The term _____ refers to an invisible fast track for men entering formerly female-dominated professions.
glass escalator
Some middle-aged persons find themselves caring for both their own children and their aging parents. The term _____ is used by your test to describe this phenomenon.
sandwich generation
_____ tell people what they should NOT do.
proscriptive norms
Extramarital affairs are condemned by _____ of Americans.
nearly 80%
In 1996, Congress pased an act which prohibited federal benefits from being conferred on same-sex couples, and which permits states to choose whether to recognize a same-sex union established in another state. This act was
the Defense of Marriage Act
In 2000, ____ % of women ages 35-54 had a job. 
Upper class wealth has traditionally been
Which of the following is NOT true about families' reactions to death?
Families that 'enshrine' the deceased member's role rather than having someone else fill the role as soon as possible will adjust better than those who rush through task reassignment.
_____ made the legal process of divorce much easier, and allowed couples to divorce without one or the other proving fault.
No-fault divorce
According to social scientists, there are _____ basic tasks that families complete when they confront a death.
Research suggests that the main reason that women have affairs is
because they feel emotionally unfulfilled.
When teens make a commitment to abstain from sexual behavior until marriage, this termed
virginity pledge.
If a doctor administers a lethal dose of painkiller via IV to a terminally ill patient who has expressed the desire to die, this is considered
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