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wrist hand orthosis
Elbow - wrist - hand orthosis
shoulder - elbow - wrist - hand orthosis
Splinting material handling characteristics
žHeating Time
žSelf Finishing Edges
žWorking Time
Splinting material performance characteristics
žMoisture Permeability & Air Exchange
dynamic splint

A splint that aids in initiating and performing movements by controlling the plane and range of motion of the injured part. Also called active splint , functional splint

static splint
A splint that prevents motion of one or more degrees of motion at a targeted joint. Goal is to rest or protect the joint or joints
outrigger splint
allows protected motion
  Purpose of Splinting: STATIC
¡Immobilize & support
¡Prevent deformity
¡Prevent soft-tissue contracture
¡Allow attachment of assistive devices
¡Block joint segment
  Basic Components of a static splint
¡Forearm trough
¡Thumb post 
¡Thumb trough
  Upper Extremity Orthosis
žFinger and thumb Orthosis — DIP  — PIP   žHand Orthosis —Volar or dorsal hand orthosis —Universal Cuff   žWHO —Cock - up splint —Resting hand splint —Thumb spica —Antispasticity splints  
  Diagnostic Indications of splints
žTendon injuries
žCrush injuries
žCarpal tunnel release
žTendon transfer
žTumor excision
žReconstruction of congenital defects
žOveruse syndromes
žCumulative trauma disorders 
  Treatment Goals for splints
žPrevent or decrease edema
žAssist in tissue healing
žRelieve pain
žAllow relaxation
žPrevent, misuse, disuse and overuse of muscles
žAvoid joint jamming or injury
žRedevelop motor & sensory function
  Finger Orthosis ( DIP )
žType —Static or dynamic žRegion —Volar or dorsal —Joint crossed žFunction  
  Finger Orthosis ( PIP )
¡Static Three point orthosis
¡Boutonniere deformity
  Wrist Cock-Up Splint (WHO)
žMaintain the wrist in the neutral or mildly extended position

  Wrist Cock-Up Splint (WHO)

žImmmobilizes the wrist while allowing full MCP flexion and thumb mobility
Wrist Cock-Up Splint (WHO) Contraindications:
žActive MCP synovitis
žJoint inflammation resulting to volar subluxation and ulnar deviation 
Wrist Cock-Up Splint (WHO) Disadvantages:
žInterferes with tactile sensibility on the palmar surface of the hand
žDorsal strap can impede lymphatic flow
  Dorsal Wrist Cock-Up Splint
žStronger mechanical support of wrist and freeing up some of the palmar surface for sensory input
žDistributes pressure over the larger dorsal wrist surface area
žBetter tolerated by edematous hand
  Cross bar
pan and thumb trough
forearm trough
thumb post
Static Volar
DIP Extension Splint
  Boutonniere deformity
  Static Three point orthosis
immobilize finger splint
swan neck finger splint
mallet finger splint
lateral deviation finger splint
finger splint trigger finger
Static Dorsal Hand Orthosis With an MP
  Hand Orthosis is used for...
hand orthosis - universal cuff
  Dorsal Wrist Cock-Up Splint
  Resting Hand Splint (WHO)
  Resting Hand Splint (WHO)
žImmobilize to reduce symptom
žPosition in functional alignment
žRetard further deformity
  Special Considerations Resting Hand Splints
žFor burns:  
make adjustments as bandage bulk changes
Special Considerations Resting Hand Splints
žPreventing infection:
when open wound has exudates, clean splints with warm soapy water, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol
Special Considerations Resting Hand Splints
žPatients in the ICU:
use sterile materials; follow protocol of the facility
Special Considerations Resting Hand Splints
žRA patients benefit from
thin thermoplast
   ( less than 1/8 inch )
  Thumb Spica Splint  (WHO)
žHelp stabilize CMC, MCP and IP joints
¡A review of studies conducted by Oldfield and Felson (2008) regarding the effects of wrist orthotic device use on pain and functionality in patients with RA reveal that the splints improved wrist pain and functionality without compromising dexterity
  Purpose of Splinting: DYNAMIC
¡To  substitute for loss of motor function
¡To correct an existing deformity
¡Provide controlled directional movement
¡Aid in fracture alignment and wound healing
  Antispasticity Splints
Static Dorsal Elbow Orthosis
  Shoulder slings
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