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what is an Organic compound
a compound that contains carbon and hydrogen
what are the 4 macromolecules
carbohydrates lipids proteins nucleic acids
what is a polymer
a macromolecule composed of repeating units called monomers (building blocks)
Macromolecules carbohydrates proteins nucleic acids
macro-moner-polymer carbs-sugar-stach, glycogen protein-amino acids-hemoglobin-amylase (enzyme) nucliec acids-nucleotide-nucleic acid
how are polymers formed
polymers are formed by dehyrdration, synthesis, or condensation
how are polymers disassembled
what are carbohydrates used for in the body
the body uses carbohydrates fir initial fuel
what is the Lugol's test
test for the presence of starch
what do plants use starch for
form plants use to store carbohdrates
what is the bennedict's test
test for the presence of simple sugars (except for s.s. sucrose)
for the Bennedict's test whaat colors prove for a positive or negative result
positive- yellow to orange negative- aqua-blue to green
what are carbohdrates composed of
C,H, and O
what are proteins compised of
C, H, O, N, S
polymers of amino acids are joined by what type of bond
peptide bonds
what does the Biuret's test for
test for the presence of proteins
what does the body do with lipids
body stores lipids as reserve energy
lipids are hydrophobis or hydrolific
what are examples of lipids
fats , waxes, phospholipids, and steroids
what is the difference between carbohydrates and lipids
lipids are harder to breakdown for energy than carbohdrates but contain more energy per unit weight then carbohdrates
what does Sudan IV test for
tests for the presence of lipids
what will happen if lipids are present during a Sudan IV test
the Sudan IV will staun reddish-orange
what are Nucleic acids composed of
C,H, O, N, P
what is DNA
hereditary material and has double strands of nucleotides sugar is deoxyribose
what is RNA
it is involved in synthesis of proteins. they are single strands of nucleotides sugar is ribose
what are examples of nucleic acids
DNA, and RNA
what does proteins do
regulate metabolism, transport oxygen, regulate blood glucose, protect against disease movement and supprt
a positive and a negative change does what
positive change has a color change, a negative has no color change
what color is benidict before it is heated and after when in the presence of sugar
it is blue before when alot of sugar is added it turns red-orange. if its a little sugar it turns yellow-green
in the lugols test what colr does it turn if positive for starch
what is the positive color change in a biuret test for protein
light blue to violet
what is the color change in a Sudan Iv test for lipids
positve=dark orange little t negative-pale orange
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