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The production of electrical energy in a conductor near a changing level of magnetism = r magnetism produced by a electric current is called?
What unit of measurement is used for impedance and resistance?
Electrical potential is expressed in what units?
Acoustic energy is analogous to and audio signal is represented electrically as…?
Alternating current (AC) the audio signal traveling through our consoles is AC
In electricity power is expresses in?
The formula to calculate electrical power is?
P= IxE Power (watts)= amperage (current flow)x voltage (potential energy)
If 2 resistors are in a circuit the resistance will be lowest if the resistors are wired in?
If the 2 resistors are in a circuit the resistance will be highest if the resistors are wired in?
Ohm’s law states that?
Which pin is hot in a balanced system w/ an XLR connector?
Pin 2
Which pin is cold or carries the out of phase signal a balanced system w/ an XLR connector?
Pin 3
Which pin is ground in a balanced system w/ an XLR connector?
Pin 1
The majority of guitar & basses are?
High impedance
Professional recording are?
Low impedance
What are two main functions of a D/I or Direct Box?
Converts a Hi impedance (HiZ) to low impedance (lowz) Converts a unbalanced line to a balanced Mic
Ground loops can occur in any two devices that are interconnected and share a ground (but may not always). Some Noise is a difference in electrical potential that seeks ground via?
audio cables/circuits
Professional recording studios operate at aline level of:
+4dBu which is 1.23 volts which also is 0dBVU
Consumer equipment operates at a line level of:
-10dbV which is .316 volts which also is 0dBVU
What unit is used to measure amplifier output power?
What type of power amplifiers are most commonly used in control room monitoring systems?
Solid Sate (Transistor) amplifiers
What is frequency response?
Accuracy of a device over its frequency range
What happens to a power amplifier if a speaker with one impedance is replaced with one of a lower impedance?
Power output increases (as long as the impedance is above the amplifiers minimum rating)
What type of speaker is the most common?
Dynamic Moving Coil
What do we call a speaker used to produce highs?
To Produce lows?
To produce Mids?
To produce extreme lows?
To produce extreme highs?
Super tweeters
What is one alternative material speakers cones are made with besides paper?
Polypropylene, Kevlar, carbon Fiber
What is the primary function of speaker?
To move air
What type of speaker enhances the sense of space by using reverberation; consumer or studio monitors?
Consumer speakers
What are some good materials for building speakers?
MDF, plywood, concrete (rigid & non-resonant
What are some bad materials for building speakers?
Cardboard, sheet metal, plastic (thin, non-rigid, resonant)
What are the large monitors mounted in front wall of the control room called?
Main or far-field
What are the small speakers mounted on or just behind the mixing console called?
What occurs in a multi-speaker system when on speaker’s polarity is reversed?
Phase cancellation
Bass response is increased in a ported of sealed enclosure?
Ported Enclosure
Type of horn used for low frequency to save physical space?
Folded horn
A network that prevents certain frequencies from getting to different speakers drivers by filtering the speakers level signal is called?
Passive Crossover
What device divides a full bandwidth signal into several frequencies ranges each to be amplified separately?
Active or Electronic crossover
At the cross over point between two bands the signal is attenuated how much to help maintain flat frequency response?
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