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Which sile system tool is used to organize clusters on a volume to be more contiguous, improving the file system performance?
The Disk Defragmenter Tool
How many pins are in a Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector?
Which software tool can assist you in removing and preventing unwanted software?
What should be a technician's FIRST troubleshooting step for a system that randomly shuts down at frequent intervals?
Check the power supply
The IP address is reserved for which type of network?
A private network
At which band does bluetooth technology operate?
2.45 GHz
Which authentication protocol is used on a Windows XP computer that is logging into an Active Directory domain?
Which tool should you run to check fragmented files?
What is the maximum transmission speed supported by 802.11a standard?
54 Mbps
What should you do if the computer that you are working on contains files that violate the company's Acceptable Usage Agreement the user signed?
Follow the procedures for dealing with a violation of the Acceptable Usage Agreement
Which type of socket design has a lever that allows easy installation and removal of a CPU on a motherboard?
Zero Insertion Force (ZIF)
Which utility is used to diagnose hardware related problems?
Device Manager
What is the easiest method to ensure that a portable computer battery is not charging at all?
Unplug the AC adapter cable while the portable computer is running.
Which is the default file system format for Windows XP?
Which method is used in wireless encryption?
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
Which parameter of the ATTRIB command is used to clear the read-only file attribute?
Which utility is used to back up files and folders on a computer running Windows XP?
Microsoft Backup utility.
What should you do to fix blurred images ona paper after replacing the ink jet cartridge?
Print a calibration page.
Which protocol is used to transmit data securely between a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client and an FTP server?
Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
Which three Wi-Fi networking standards operate within the 2.4 GHz radio frequency band?
802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n
Which display type takes more space on a desk: a Liquid crystal display (LCD) or a cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor?
CRT monitor
What does a system run when a PC is first powered on?
Power On Self Test (POST)
What are the maximum amount of connectors in an Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) ribbon cable?
The IP address is reserved for which type of network?
A private network
Which device enables you to connect a wired Ethernet device to a wireless network?
Wireless Bridge
What is the maximum amount of memory that is supported by the Windows XP Professional operating system?
4 gigabytes (GB)
Which file on Windows XP contains static Domain Naming System (DNS) mappings?
HOSTS file
What writes the image on the drum in a laser printer?
Laser light
Which command is used to trace the IP traffic route through intermediate routers and system network interfaces indetifying the full path traveled from source to destination?
What is the radio frequency at which IEEE 802.11a operates?
5.0 GHz
Where can you enable or disable the Hyper-threading feature?
From the system Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)
After adding a working power supply and working processor to your computer, why would the computer make no sound and no lights turn on?
motherboard failure
What should you do if a personal item near the work area is interfering with the troubleshooting procedure?
Ask the customer to remove the personal item.
Which wizard should you use to install a printer or make printer connections?
Add Printer Wizard
How do you change the IP address on your new wireless router that you bought for your home business?
Connect to the router with your browser from a connected computer, and change the configuration.
Which four maintenance tasks should you perform on a portable computer?
You should perform the following tasks?
*Apply Windows Updates
*Update your Virus Scan Software Regularly
*Check for spyware
*Defragment your hard disk
What should you check first if you a Windows system experiences frequent page faults?
Random Access Memory (RAM)
When your computer is not responding, which function key should you press to run the Automated System Recovery (ASR) feature after installing the Windows XP installation CD-ROM?
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