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Which disk should you use to perform tasks, such as a data recovery and running diagnostics tools for hardware or software troubleshooting?
a boot disk
You are troubleshooting a system that is not displaying any lights and has no apparent signs of activity. What is the MOST likely source of the problem?
Power Supply
When troubleshooting a computer problem, what knowledge do you require to isolate unnecessary causes for a problem?
Knowledge of different operating systems and configuration settings
Which type of device requires bus mastering?
PC card
What type of formatting method initializes portions of the hard disk and creates the file system structures on the disk?
high-level format (HLF)
How do you configure a wireless adapter with Windows 2000?
Use the software that came with the adapter
Which service allows connections to other Windows-based computers?
Client for Microsoft Networks
Which software gathers the user's information through the user's Internet connection without the user's knowledge?
Which Random Access Memory (RAM) uses front side bus?
Double Data Rate (DDR)
Which tool enables you to connect to your Windows XP computer across the Internet from virtually any computer?
Remote Desktop Connection
Which types of CPU sockets are used for Itel Xeon processors?
Socket 603 and Socket 604
While you are working at a job site, what should you do if you overhear that the company plans to layoff 45 percent of the workforce at that location?
Keep the information conifdential
Which Windows 2000 utility can you use to detect common faults and repair logical and physical errors on a Windows 2000 hard drive, including lost clusters and cross-linked files?
What does SVGA stand for?
Super Video Graphics Array of Super VGA
What type of communication creates a win-win situation for yourslef and the customer?
Assertive communication
Which RAM characteristic is expressed in nanoseconds (ns)?
access or cycle time
Which protocol is used for tansferring files from one computer to another?
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Which parameter of the ATTRIB command is used to set the system file attribute?
What is the result of executing the IPCONFIG command the RUN dialog box?
A black window appears and then disappears automatically
If you press CTRL+ESC key combination in a Windows XP computer, what will be the result?
The CTRL+ESC key combo will bring up the START menu
Which parameter of the ATTRIB command is used to clear system file attribute?
Which type of connector is used to connect a joystick?
Game controller with 15 pins
Which recommended file system format for Windows XP enable advanced performance, security, and reliability features?
WHat should be avoided in a communication when dealing with an angry customer?
An argument with the customer
Where should you apply a liquid cleaning solution when cleaning connectors and contacts on a motherboard?
A lint-free swab
Which unit is typically used to measure the amount of RAM in a computer?
byte or megabyte (MB)
Which utility should you use to specify the NUM Lock status imposed during the boot?
BIOS setup utility
While cleaning a monitor, where should you spray the cleaning solution?
You should spray the cleaning solution on a dust and lint free soft cloth
What is usually the problem if a computer suddenly begins to make a clicking noise?
Hard disk crash
Which tool should you use to pick up a screw that has fallen accidentally on a computer motherboard?
3-pronged parts retriever
How many pins are there in a floppy disk cable?
What are four basic components that can go wrong with a portable computer's video?
the video controller, the screen, the backlight, or the inverter
What could be the problem of a computer automatically reboots?
Overheating CPU
Which device is used to forward packets between multiple networks?
How should you protect a portable computer from being stolen in yout absence if the portable computer cannot be physically secured using a locking mechanism?
Lock the portable computer in a drawer
Which Windows feature allows you to preserve your portable computer batteries by saving the contents of memory to the disk so they will be available the next time you log in?
The Hibernate feature
Which connector is used for high speed CAT7 LAN cabling?
Which previous versions of Windows client operating systems can be upgraded to Windows 2000?
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 3.51 Workstation, and Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Which Windows feature turns off power consuming components like the hard disks and monitor loosing contents of memory and unsaved desktop settings?
Standby Mode
What should a technician wear to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) while installing sensitive memory ships?
Wear an anti-static wrist strap
Where can the Network Connections icon be located in Windows XP system?
In the Network and INternet Connections window in Control Panel
Which two passwords can be configured using the BIOS setup utility?
supervisor password and user password
What are the basic components that are included in all video display adapters?
Video BIOS, video processor, video memory, digital to analog converter (DAC), bus connector, and video driver
What is the size of Type III Personal Computer (PC) card that is used in portable computers?
10.5 mm
What is the maximum distance to which the Bluetooth Technology can transmit data?
30 feet (10 meters)
Which command is used to copy the installation files when a computer is in Hibernate mode?
How do you gather relavant information from the customer in a constructive manner?
Use probing questions
What is a useful way to determine if your printer hardware is connected properly and can receive instructions from the computer?
Print from a command prompt.
What is the minimum required Random Access Memory (RAM) for Windows XP?
64 megabytes (MB)
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