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Photosynthesis produces...
glucose and oxygen.
Autotrophs are...
organisms which produce their own food and sustain themselves without eating other organisms.
2 types of autotrophs
Photoautotrophs--produce food with light.

Chemoautotrophs--can make the materials they need without light. (some are Achaea and some are Bacteria; prokaryotic domains)
A chloroplast is...
the photosynthetic organelle.
Stroma is...
the fluid inside the chloroplast.
Stoma is...
the "opening."
2 stages of photosynthesis
the light reactions---light energy converted to chem. energy, producing oxygen.

the calvin cycle AKA the dark stage---uses materials produced in the light reactions.
Each photosystem...
consists of a light-harvesting complex of pigments and a reaction system.
The calvin cycle occurs...
in the chloroplast's stroma.

The calvin cycle is the dark stage; inputs include CO2, ATP, and NADPH, then outputs G3P which is a building block to produce sugar.
Fermentation is...
an anaerobic alternative to cellular respiration.
2 types of fermentation
Lactic acid---used in humans.

Alcohol---used in yeast.
Lactic acid fermentation can...
produce bursts of energy for a brief period.
3 things that happens to food when you ingest it.
some will become poop.

some will be used for cellular respiration and cellular work.

some will be used for biosynthesis.
Biosynthesis is...
a phenomenon where chemical  compounds are produced from similar components.
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