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Recurrent V-Fib, Recurrent hemodynamically unstable Ventricular Tachycardia
Symptomatic Sinus Bradycardia, 2nd drug for asystole or Bradycardic pulseless electrical activity
Consider for pump problems with no signs of shock
Sencond Line drug for symptomatic bradycardia, or hypotension
Cardiac Arrest, symptomatic bradycardia, sever hypotension, anaphylaxis, severe allergic reactions
Adjuvant therapy of acute pulmonary edema, hypertensive emergencies, increased intracranial pressure
Alternative to amiodarone in cardiac arrest from VF/VT stable monomorphic VT with preserved ventricular function stable polymorphic VT with normal baseline QT interval and preserved LV function when ischemia is treated and electrolyte balance is corrected
Chest pain with ACS, acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema
Antianginal for suspected ischemic pain, used in the inital 24-48 hours in patients with ami and CHF, large anterior wall infarction, hypertensive emergencies
Reduces afterload in Heart failure and acute pulmonary edema reduce aftload in acute mitral or aortic valve regurgitation hypertensive crisis
Sodium Nitroprusside
Severe cardiogenic shock and hemodynamically signifcant hypotension, agent of last resort for management of ischemic heart disease and shock
Treatment of a wide variety of arrhythmias, stable monomorphic vt with normal QT interval and preserved LV function stable wide-complex tachycardia of unknown origin
known preexisting hyperkalemia, known preexisting bicarbonate-responsive acidosis, prolonged resuscitation with effective ventilation
Sodium Bicarbonate
Cardiac arrest only if torsades de pointes or suspected hypomagnesemia is present, digitalis toxicity
Magnesium Sulfate
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