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which branch meets in the capitol building?
the president of the united states must be at least how old?
where did the constitutional convention take place?
the bill of rights was introduced by who?
James Madison
should the present fail to sign a piece of legislation in congress within a certain amount of days, the bill is automatically killed. The process of indirect rejection is known as a?
pocket veto
how many women are on the supreme court
the senators are elected for __how many__ year terms?
there are how many members of senate?
one hundred.
a veto of a bill is brought about by an indirect rejection by the president. the president is granted __how many__ days?
true or false: congress is bilateral and composed of the senate and the house of representatives.
who is the head of the executive branch?
the president.
America has how many branches of government?
true or false: the article of the constitution defines the legislative branch invest power to legislate in the congress of the united states
what are the beginning words to the united states constitution?
we the people of the united states, in order to form a more perfect union...
true or false: the justices of the supreme court are nominated by president of the united states.
true or false: the bill of rights protects the freedom to assembly.
a senator must have been a citizen of the united states for how long? a.13 b.12 c.5 d. none
none of the above.
true or false: the senators belong to the executive branch.
there are how many court justices
true or false: checks and balance is a system of limits imposed on all branches of the government by vesting in each branch the right to amend or void the acts of another that fall within its purview?
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