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Parallels of the books of Kings and Chronicles
2 Samuel parallels 1 Chronicles

1-2 Kings parallels 2 Chronicles
Seven Facts about Kings (compared to Chronicles)

  • Written by Jeremiah

  • Written early in the Captivity

  • Emphasis on Promised Judgment

  • Written to Captives

  • To encourage repentance

  • Emphasis on Prophets and Kings

  • Explains God's reasons for allowing captivity

Seven facts about Chronicles (compared to Kings)

  • Written by Ezra

  • Written after the Return

  • Emphasis on Promised Blessings

  • Written to Returnees

  • To encourage rebuilding

  • Emphasis on Priests and Temples

  • Explains God's faithfulness in allowing Restoration

Overview of the Northern Kingdom
  • 10 Tribes in rebellion against the house of David.
  • Called Israel
  • Capital - Samaria
  • Founded 931 BC
  • First King - Jeroboam
  • No revivals and ALL 19 rulers ungodly
  • Carried Captive by Assyria in 721 BC
Overview of the Southern Kingdom
  • 2 tribes loyal to the house of David
  • Called - Judah
  • Capital - Jerusalem
  • Began 931 BC
  • First King - Rehoboam
  • Multiple Revivals and 8 rulers were Godly
  • Carried captive by Babylon in 3 separaate invasions from 606 BC-586 BC
Israel - Northern Kingdom
  • Began 931 BC
  • Fell to Assyria in 721 BC
Jeroboam - Northern Kingdom
  • 1st king of Northern Kingdom
  • Cabinet member of Solomon
  • Led the revolt that divided the kingdom
  • His false altar & golden calf religion caused his kingdom to sin
Ahab - Northern Kingdom

  • Married Jezebel

  • Defeated Syria twice, but then slain in battle with them

  • Denounced by Elijah for Baal worship

  • Denounced by Micaiah who predicted his death

  • Tricked Godly king Jehosaphat of Judah into a 2-fold compromise, matrimonial & a military alliance

Jehu - Northern Kingdom
  • Anointed by Elisha to execute Ahab's dynasty
  • Famous for chariot riding
  • Executed Jehoram and southern king Ahaziah, Jezebel and the priests of Baal
Hoshea - Northern Kingdom

  • Became vassal of Assyrian king then rebelled with Egypt

  • Was imprisoned

  • Final king of Israel

Rehoboam - Southern Kingdom

  • Son of Solomon who caused the civil war

Jehosaphat - Southern Kingdom
  • 2nd righteous king of Judah
  • Instituted a nationwide Bible education program
  • Compromised with Ahab and his 2 sons
Athaliah - Southern Kingdom

  • Daughter of Ahab and Jezebel

  • Mother of slain king Ahaziah and widow of king Joram

  • At her son's (Ahaziah) death, she slaughtered all his children, except one, Joash, who was hidden

  • Executed by Jehoiada the priest

Joash - Southern Kingdom

  • Surviving heir of all his slain brothers

  • Began to rule at age 7

  • Lived for God under the direction of Jehoiada the priest but became a cruel leader after his death

  • Sanctioned the stoning of the High Prist Zechariah who called for national repentance

  • Was executed by his own palace guard

Uzziah - Southern Kingdom

  • A good ruler, mighty warrior and great builder

  • Intruded into priesthood and punished with leprosy

Hezekiah - Southern Kingdom

  • 2nd best king of the southern kingdom

  • Helped organize a great Passover

  • Organized Psalms and Proverbs

  • Saw death angel defeat Assyrians surrounding Jerusalem

  • Given 15 extra years to live in answer to prayer

Mannasseh - Southern Kingdom

  • Longest ruler & worst of all the kings

  • Saved before his death

Josiah - Southern Kingdom

  • Best king since David & last good king

  • Slain in battle with Egypt

  • Rediscovered the books of Moses and led the nation in a great revival

Jehoiakim - Southern Kingdom
  • Judah's 3rd worst king
  • Experienced 1st of 3 invasions by Babylon
  • Persecuted Jeremiah
  • Burned portions of the Bible
  • Received burial of a donkey
Zedekiah - Southern Kingdom
  • Persecuted Jeremiah
  • Rebelled against Babylon
  • Blinded and taken to Babylon
Prophet who Ahab hated and jailed because he always prophisied evil concerning him
High Priest who hid, appointed, and mentored young king Joash & executed Queen Athaliah
Assyrian who attacked Jerusalem, mocked God, saw 185,000 troops slain by God, and was murdered by his sons
Babylonian king who conquered Jerusalem
Faithless servant of Elisha who lied to gain reward from Naaman and was struck with leprosy
Syrian general who was healed of leprosy after 7 dips in the Jordan River
Innocent vineyard owner that was murdered by Ahab (and Jezebel)
Primary ministry of the prophets was...
To call the people back to God in repentance by denouncing sin and calling the people to righteousness
Their ministry of predicting the future was subservient to this greater purpose
Predictive prophecy served to...(3 things)
  • Confirm their authority as the true spokesmen of God
  • Call their nation back to God by warning of coming judgments
  • Challenge their people to righteousness through the great promises of God's future blessing (ie. through the Messianic and Millenial blessings)
  • Announced 3 1/2 year drought
  • Was fed by ravens
  • Fed a starving widow whose meal barrel & oil never failed
  • Faced the prophets of Baal on Mt. Caramel
  • Called down fire to consume 50 soldiers, twice
  • Rode to Heaven in a fiery chariot
Dealing with depression (from Elijah's example)
8 things
  • Recognize God must be a part of your solution from the 1st - Elijah headed straight from the mountain of Baal to the Mountain of God.
  • Deal with physical and fatigue factors from the start - God caused Elijah to eat and sleep before the 1st word of counsel.
  • Seek Spiritual and Scriptual counsel.
  • Spend time in the presence of God in honest prayer and listening to His Word.
  • Get busy - stay active even when you don't feel like it.
  • Find God's purpose for your life and fulfill it.
  • Recognize that you are not alone.
  • Get back around other people and develop a good relationship.
Obadiah - Main Content
  • It is the story of 2 very opposite twins that grew into 2 very opposite nations.
  • A family feud that lasted almost 2000 years
  • a Rivalry that bean with the struglle of 2 infants in a womb and ended with the sending of many infants to the tomb
  • The story ends with the judgment of one brother and the exaltation of the other .

2 brothers...

2 nations...

  • Jacob and Esau

  • Israel and Edom

Obadiah - Central Message
The Judgment of Edom
Edom's doom is foretold in more Old Testament books than any other foreign nation.
Obadiah - Theme
The vindication of Israel against Edom.
Earliest of the writing prophets...
  • Compromised of the descendants of Esau
  • Edom means RED...Birthright traded for red stew, Esau had a reddish appearance, Red sandstone where people settled southeast of Israel called Seir.
Obadiah and Edom Extras
8 centuries after Obadiah the Israel/Edo rivalry culminated with an Edomite/Idumean king named Herod the Great being placed on the throne of Israel by Rome. He ordered the slaughter of Jewish infants to try and kill Jesus.
Last act of the brothers together, Edom & Israel, was to fight side by side against Rome in 70 AD. Edom disappeared from the pages of history at this time.
6 Applications from Obidiah
  • God always judges pride
  • God judges grudges
  • Self-security always brings insecurity
  • Never rejoice over or take advantage of the misfortunes of others
  • Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap
  • God judges those who mistreat His people.
Book of Obidiah facts (3)
  • Earliest of the writing prophets
  • Shortest Old Testament book
  • 1st book to introduce "the Day of the Lord" in reference to the coming of The Great Tribulation
  • Red Rock City
  • The most militarily defensible spot on Earth. It can only be reached by one ravine, so narrow in palces that only a single rider can pass through.
  • It's cliffs reach 2000 feet
  • It's buildings are carved out of the solid rock cliffs and extend to such great heights as to make any ground attack impossible.
Edom's destruction
  • God predicted that allies "that eat thy bread" would destroy them.
  • Fulfilled by the Nabateans who were invited into Petra for a banquet. Once inside they murdered their hosts, plundered and conquered the city.
Cause of Edom's Pride
"...Thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high...Though exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars..." Obadiah 1:3-4
Joel - Main Content
  • During Joel's ministry, Judah was struck by Joel a horrible locust plague
  • Joel uses the memory of what this plague was like to describe how terrible and how much worse God's coming judgments were to be if Judah did not repent
  • He compared the invading locusts to future invading armies
Joel -Key Word/Phrase
The Day of the Lord
Joel's Purpose
To call Judah to repentance by warning them of the judgment of the coming Day of the Lord
The Day of the Lord refers prophetically to...
  • God's Judgment of the Nations during the Great Tribulation
  • The Battle of Armageddon
  • The establishment of the Millennial kingom after these events
The Day of the Lord  
  • Generally
  • Specifically
  • Generally may refer to several PAST judgments of God on nations which prefigure the coming judgment
  • Specifically it refers to the FUTURE judgment of God on the world
Prophet of Pentacost
Joel is known as the prophet of Pentacost since his words are quoted by Peter on the occasion.
Joel speaks of...(4 things)
  • The Tribulation
  • The Battle of Armegeddon
  • Christ's Return
  • The Millennial Reign of Christ
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