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The stapedius muscle is innervated by what?
Facial n. CN VII
Which two cervical plexus motor nerves from C1 hitch a ride with CN XII en route to their target muscles?
Nerve to geniohyoid and thyrohyoid
What are the functional components of the trigeminal nerve?
BE (muscles of mastication); GSA (sensory to face)
Which single muscle is innervated by CN IV (trochlear n.)?
Superior oblique muscle
what are the functional components of the oculomotor nerve?
GSE; GVE parasympathetic
CN VIII (vestibulocochlear n.) exits the cranium through what?
internal acoustic meatus
What is the functional component of the olfactory nerve (CN I)
SA (special sensory afferent)
What is the functional unit of the optic nerve (CN II)?
SA (special sensory afferent)
The GSA functionality of the facial nerve (CN VII) recieves sensation from where?
external ear(external acoustic meatus) and skin posterior to the ear
The Branchial Efferent (BE) function of the Trigeminal n. (CN V) controls muscles of mastication and what other four muscles?
The optic nerve (CN II) passes from the cell bodies in the retina through which space/opening to reach the middle cranial fossa?
optic canal
Where are the cell bodies of the BE (branchial efferenct) component of CN V?
Pons of the brainstem
What are the two target muscles of parasympathetic fibers from CN III? What ganglion is found in this pathway?
sphincter of pupil and ciliary muscles... Ciliary ganglion
which muscle is innervated by CN VII and protects your ear from loud noises?
CN IX (glossopharyngeal n.) has GVE parasympatetic control of what?
parotid gland
Which two ganglion contain cell bodies of CN VIII nerves?
vestibular and spiral ganglion
Which muscle is innervated by the CN VI (abducens n.)?
Lateral rectus muscle
What ganglion contains parasympathetic postganglionic cell bodies from CN IX (glossopharyngeal n.) to the parotid gland?
Otic ganglion
Fibers from which general branch of the autonomic system do certain cranial nerves carry? Which nerves are they?
Parasympathetic... CN III; VII; IX; X
Which ganglion carries postganglionic parasympathetic fibers of CN VII to the lacrimal gland?
Pterygopalatine ganglion
Vagus nerve SA (special sensory afferent) controls taste from where?
Root of tongue and epiglottis
What is the functional component of the vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII)?
SA (special sensory afferent)
Which muscles (aside from the muscles of facial expression) are controlled by the BE (branchial efferent) component of the facial nerve?
Stylohyoid and posterior belly of digastic m.
What is the only muscle controlled by the glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX)?
Which nerve controls all muscles of the larynx; pharynx (not the stylopharyngeus); the palate and the palatoglossus m. of the tongue?
Vagus n. (CN X)
Which cranial nerve controls parasympathetic stimulation of the lacrimal; submandibular; sublingual glands?
Facial N. (CN VII)
Where does CN XI enter and exit the skull?
enters foramen magnum and exits through the jugular foramen
What is the Functional component of the spinal accesory nerve?
Vagus n. has GSA sensation what two areas?
external ear and Dura mater in the posterior cranial fossa
Where are the cell bodies of the optic nerve (CN II)?
ganglion cells in the Retina
CN XII (hypoglossal) leaves skull through what opening?
hypoglossal canal
What is the structure of the skull that the olfactory nerves pass through to reach the nasal cavity? What bone is this structure found in?
cribiform plate of ethmoid bone
CN VII leaves the cranial cavity through what opening and exits the skull through which foramen?
internal acoustic meatus then out through the stylomastoid foramen
CN IX; X; XI exit the skull through which opening of the skull?
jugular foramen
Where are the cell bodies of the hypoglossal nerve (CN XII) located?
medulla of brainstem
Where are the cell bodies of CN IV (trochlear) and CN VI (abducens) located?
CN IV- Midbrain; CN VI- pons
Where are the cell bodies of the olfactory n. (CN I) located?
olfactory epithelium in the nasal cavity (going through the cribiform plate)
What nerve controls taste on the posterior 1/3 of the tongue
CN IX glossopharyngeal n.
Which muscle of the tongue is controlled by the vagus nerve and not the hypoglosal n.?
palatoglossus m.
Where are the cell bodies of the spinal accesory nerve located?
Cervical spinal cord (~C2-4)
What nerve controls taste on the anterior 2/3 of tongue?
Facial nerve
What is the functional component of the Trochlear and Abducent nerves?
What is the funcional component of the hypoglossal nerve?
What two muscles receive motor innervation from CN XI?
sternocleidomastoid and trapezius
Which ganglion sends postganglionics sympathetics from the Facial N. to the sublingual and submandibular glands
and is associated with CN V3?
CN IV+VI pass through which opening of the skull?
superior orbital fissure
CN III enters the orbit through what opening?
superior orbital fissure
Where are the cell bodies of the GSA component of CN V located?
trigeminal ganglion
The palatoglossus muscle is innervated by what?
vagus n.
What are the Parasympathetic cranial nerves?
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