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collection of files
The database structure in a DBMS is stored as a _______
Semi Structured
Most data you encounte is best classified as _______
Meta Data
_________ provide a description of the data characteristics & the set of relationships that link the data found within the DB
single use
A desktop DB is a ________DB
A ________ is a character or group of characters that has a specific meaning.
raw facts of interest to the end user
End user data is _______________
database system
The phrase ________refers to an organization of components that define & regulate the collection, storage, management, & use of data within a DB environment
A _____ is a collection of related records.
________is used to reveal the maning of data
Performance tuning
_________ relates to the activities that make the DB perform more efficiently in terms of storage & access speed.
good decision making
Accurate, relevant, & timely information is the key to: ________
__________data exist in a format that does not lend itself to processing that yields information.
Data Warehouse
The ________structure is quite different from that of an opeerational or tansactional database
operational databases
Most decision-support data are based on historical data obtained from _________.
It's expected use
The organization of the data within the folders in a manual file system was determined by ________.
Application program
A __________ might be written by a programmer or it might be created through aDBMS utility program
A database is designed to support a companies day-to-day operations.
_________data exist in the format in which they were collected.
_________ is the body of info & facts about a specific subject.
A ________ is a collection of related records.
Data inconsistency
________ exists when different versions opf the same data appear in different places.
semi structured
XML data is ___________
__________data are the result of formatting to facilitate stroage, use & generation of information
The ________ serve(s) as the intermediary between the user & the database
A ________ is a logically connected set of one or more fields that describes a person, place, or thing
query result set
The response of the DBMS to a query is the __________
A _________database is designed to support a companies day to day operations.
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