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1. The primary purpose of a minimum data set in a healthcare is to:
recommmend commend data elements to be collected
2. A National Health Information network is:
A national database of patient information
3. Most healthcare informatics have been implemented by :
4. According to the UHDDS definition, ethnicity should be recorded on a patient record as:
free text descriptor as reported by the patient
5. I need a standard that allows data to be transferred accross hte internet.. What should I choose?

(extensive markup language)
6. In order to effectively transmit healthcare data between a provider and a payer, both parties must adhere to which electronic data interchange standards?
X12N (ASC) Accreditied Standards COmmittee
7. As many private and public standards groups proulgate health informatics standards, the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technoilogy has been given the responsibility for :
harmonization of standards from multiple sources
8. Which of the following would be an argument for the transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS?

a. Coders will have to be retrained

b. MS-DRG's would have to be updated to accommodate the new codes

c. More detail in the code

d. ICD-10-CM contains diagnosis and procedure codes unlike ICD-9-CM

ICD-10-CM contains diagnosis and procedure codes unlike ICD-9-CM

10. flow map is like a flow chart
11.which of the following plans reimburses patients up to a specified amount:

a. Health insurance

b. Coinsurance

c. Indemnity

d. Major medical plan
12. Which of the following types of care are not covered by Medicare?

a. Long term nursing care

b. Skilled nursing care

c. Hospice care

d. Home health care
long term nursing care
13. Which of the following covers prescribed preventitive benefits and is subject to a deductible?

a.  Medicare Part A

b. Medicare Part B

c. Medicare Part D

d. Medicare  Prescription Drug, Improvement , and Modernization Act
Medicare Part A

14. What term is used for retrospective reimbursement charges submitted by a provier for each service rendered?

a. Fee for service

b. Deductible

c. Acturial

d. Prospective
fee for service
15. Which of the following methods reimburses healthcare providers i the form of a lump sum for all healthcare services delivered to a patient for a specific illness?
Episode of care
16. Which of the following apply to radiological and other procedures that include professional and technical components and are paid as a lump sum to be divided between physician and healthcare facility?
Global payments
computer assisted coding (COC) - is in relation to structure input and NLP  and natural language processing
18. Which type of microfilm does not allow for a unit record to be maintained?

a. roll microfilm

b. Jacket microfilm

c. microfiche

d. micrographics
look up this one- i think its in the albdehak book
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