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Term for biceps brachii during elbow flexion
Prime mover
Term that describes the relation of brachialis to biceps brachii during elbow flexion
Term for the triceps brachii during elbow flexion
Term for iliopsoas during hip extension
Term for the gluteus maximus during hip extension when walking up stairs
Prime mover
Terms for rotator cuff muscles and deltoid when elbow is flexed and the hand grabs a tabletop to life the table
Major spine flexor
Rectus abdominis
Prime mover for arm extension
Latissimus dorsi
Assume major responsibility for forming the abdominal girdle (3 pairs)
1. External Oblique
2. Internal Oblique
3. Transversus Abdominis
Prime mover of shoulder abduction
Important in shoulder adduction; antagonists of the shoulder abductor (2 muscles)
1. Pectoralis major
2. Pectoralis minor
Moves the scapula forward and rotates scapula upward
Serratus anterior
Small, inspiratory muscles between the ribs; elevate ribs
External intercostals
Extends the head
Pulls the scapulae medially
Flexes the forearm and supinates the hand
Biceps brachii
Synergist for supination of hand
Forearm flexors; no role in supination (2 muscles)
1. Brachialis
2. Brachioradialis
Elbow extensor
Triceps brachii
Power wrist flexor and abductor
Flexor carpi radialis
Flexes wrist and middle phalanges
Flexor digitorum superficialis
Pronate the hand (2 muscles)
1. Pronator teres
2. Pronator quadratus
Flexes the thumb
Flexor policis longus
Extends and abducts the wrist
Extensor carpi radialus longus
Extends the wrist and digits
Extensor digitorum
Flat muscle that is a weak wrist flexor; tenses skin of the palm
Palmaris longus
Flexes the great toe and inverts the foot
Flexor hallucis longus
Lateral compartment muscles that plantar flex and ever the foot (2 muscles)
1. Extensor digitorum longs
2. Fibularis longus
Abduct the thigh to take the "at ease" stance (2 muscles)
1. Tensor fasciae latae
2. Gluteus medius
Used to exend hip when climbing stairs
Gluteus maximus
Prime movers of plantar flexion of the foot (2 muscles)
1. Gastrocnemuius
2. Soleus
Prime mover of inversion of the foot
Tibialis posterior
Prime mover of dorsiflextion of the foot
Extensor digitorum longus
Adduct thigh, as when standing at attention
Gluteus medius
Extends the toes
Extensor digitorum longus
Extends the thigh and flexes the knee (3 muscles)
1. Biceps femoris
2. Semitendinosus
3. Semimembranosus
Extends knee and flexes thigh
Rectus femoris
3 muscles that are commonly used for intramuscular injections
1. Deltoid
2. Vastus lateralis
3. Gluteus medius
The insertion tendon of this group contains a large sesamoid bone, the patella
Quadriceps femoris
What aspect of the body are most flexor muscles located
What aspeect of the body are  most extensors located
An exception to the generalization that most flexor muscles are anterior and most extensor muscles are posterior is what?
Extensor-flexor musculature of the knee
Where do the extrinsic muscles of the hand originate
Lateral epicondyle of humerus
The triceps surae insert common into the ________ tendon
Stationary, immovable attachment
Movable attachment
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