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The study of blood is known as _____.
______ means to touch or feel
______ is anything that is taken form the body and tested in order to obtain a dx.
A series of lab tests performed on a single lab specimen is called _______.
_______ are tiny blood vessels that carry blood to the tissue.
The presence of infection is called _______.
A collection of blood beneath the skin which causes a bruise to form is called _________.
Veins that become diseased and inflamed are called _______.
The light colored fluid from whole blood is called ________.
Blood vessels that carry blood to the heart is called _______.
An agent that prevents blood from clotting is called _______.
________ Means bulging filled with blood.
(like a bug that just bit someone and is full of blood)
A condition in which a patient has too little hemoglobin is called _______.
The light colored fluid from clotted  blood is called _______.
A _______ form is required with all lab specimens.
The breakdown or destruction of cells is called ________. 
_______ are cell fragments that aid in the blood clotting procedure.
This is a systemic infection associated with the presence of pathogenic organism introduced during a venipuncture _________.
What is another name for platelets? _______.
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