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CABs are organized and equipped to support who?
Combined arms operations "BCTs" and Joint, Interagency, and Multinational (JIM).
Role of AV BDEs.
Conduct and/or SUPPORT GROUND maneuver through aviation operations.
Primary Missions of a AV BDE (10 MISSIONS)
Movement to Contact
Air Assault
Air Movement
C2 Support
MEDIVAC (Aeromedical Evac)
Personnel Recovery OPs
Enabling Missions of an AV BDE
Downed Aircraft Recovery FARP OPS AV Maintenance Air Traffic Service (ATS)
Six Types of AV BDEs
CAB (Heavy) CAB (Med) CAB (Light) CAB (Expeditionary) Theater Aviation Brigade (TAB) TAB (Composite)
Construction of a CAB Heavy
2x ARB (24 AH-64) per Batt 1x AHB (30 UH-60) 1x GSAB 1x ASB
Designed primary to focus on homeland security ops.
Theater Aviation Brigade
Support the AV mission at the theater level.
General Support AV Battalion (GSAB)
Mission and Units
Command AV Company (CAC) Heavy Helicopter Company (12x CH-47s) MEDIVAC Air Traffic Service (ATS) UAS
Air Ambulance Missions
Only do medical things: Patient transfers; med supplies; Joint Blood program; MEDIVAC; Air crash rescue support. 
AV BDE Staff unique to AV (6)
Stands Officer
AV Master Gunner
Tac OPS Officer
AV Materiel Officer (AMO)
Air Liaison Officer (ALO)
Air Defense and Airspace Management Cell (ADAM)
Brigade Aviation Element (BAE)
integrates and synchronize aviation into the BCT's scheme of maneuver. Provides advice and planning for all AV primary missions.
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