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All battalions should be able to?
Plan and conduct strategic deployment coordinate with supported maneuver units (ground) Act as a Batt Task Force Conduct Multiple operations simultaneous Plan multiple future operations Conduct air-ground integration
Primary missions of Attack Helicopters

Movement to contact
Number of AH-64s in a Battalion
Battalion Command Group consists of what three elements?
Battalion Commander Reps from the Batt staff Reps form supporting Units
What type of brief is a focused adjunct to the OPORD, all units involved should attend.
Air Mission Brief
How many AH-64s in a Company with Radar
3 AH-64 W/FCR
Est temporary C2; small in size; composed of designated personnel
Main CP
Future-oriented focus two groups - ops and plans shifts ensure 24 hr ability
Company C2
Company specific mission planning, briefings and rehearsals.
What type of Rehearsal is the most common.
Terrain model rehearsal.
Hasty Attack
Launched with the forces at hand
Deliberate Attack
Planned and carefully coordinated
3 Attack Missions
Close Combat Attack (CCA) Interdiction Attack (IA) Joint Air Attack Team (JAAT)
Close Combat Attack (CCA)
a coordinated attack by Army aircraft against targets that are in close proximity to friendly forces.
Interdiction Attack (IA)
attack by Army aircraft to divert, disrupt, delay, degrade, or destroy enemy combat power.
Joint Air Attack Team (JAAT)
combination of attack reconnaissane aircraft and FW CAS
3 Employment Methods
Continuous Attack Phased Attack Maximum Destruction
Continuous Attack
at least one ARC will be in the battle at all times. While one company is engaged in the battle, the other two companies prepare to relieve the engaged company.
Maximum Destruction!!!
To exert maximum combat power on the enemy force; to overwhelm the enemy force with massed fires.
Movement to contact
Gains contact with the enemy or regains lost contact.
What elements make up a complete attack team check in.
identification team composition location ETA Munitions station time & special capabilities REQUEST- for ground SURREPTITIOUS to HAS capabilities
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