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Air Assault Defined
Vertical envelopment conducted to gain a positional advantage; to envelope or to turn enemy forces that may or may not be in a position to oppose the operation.
Air Assault Operation
Maneuver under the control of ground or air movement commander to engage enemy forces or to seized and hold key terrian.
Air Assault Task Force
Temporary group including the Air Assault Task Force Commander (AATFC) and Air Mission Commander (AMC)
Capabilities of an air assault operation
Attack from any direction. Delay a much larger force. strike inaccessible areas conduct attacks beyond the operation area Rapidly extend area of influence Provide responsive reserves React rapidly to a dynamic battlefield
achieve surprise
economy of force  
Limitations of an air assault operation
Extreme weather. Reliance on air lines of commo ADA Availability or PZ and LZ NBC High resource consumption rates (Fuel Range)

Vulnerabilities of an air assault operation
Attack by aircraft or ADA weapons during movement phase. Attack by NBC systems. Attacks during loading and unloading.  Artillery attacks in the LZ/PZ
Key Personnel involved in a Air Assault
AATFC- normally the INF or AV, BATT or BDE CMD whose own units form the nucleus force of the AATF AMC- BATT/CAB CMD that is subordnate to the AATFC Serial CMD- Designated by the AMC when there are multipule airframes and lifts.  AV BAE- advise the AATFC and his staff on all matters relating to Army AV  
Combat Aviation Net
CAN, can be monitered by everyone.
Reverse Planning Sequence 5 Phases.
Ground Tactical Plan (most important) Landing Plan Air Movement Plan Loading Plan Staging Plan
Air Mission Brief (AMB)
Last coordination meeting of key participants in an air assault mission
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