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What information is not considered Criminal History Records
1. Posters, announcements or liss for identifying or apprehending fugitives or wanted person 2. Original records of entry maintained by criminal justice agenciess to the extent that such records are compiled andmaintained chronologically and are accessible and are accessible only on a chronological basis 3. court indices and records of public judicial preceedings, court decisions and opinions and information diclosed during public judicial proceedings and 4. Records of traffic violations that are not punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment more than 90 days
What are the exceptions to who you can disseminate crimijnal history to?
1. Agencies participating in a single(joint) record keeping department 2.Furnishing info to process a matter through the criminal justice system (prosecutor) 3. Reporting events to a record keeping agency
who is NCIC managed by?
the FBI and state law enforcement agencies
WHat level of certification do you need to access NCIC?
Level I certification
How often do you need to re-cert on NCIC?
Every 2 years
what is the Access/WACIC/NCIC user acknowledgement?
It is the formal agreement between WSP and SPD
What is a Technical Agency Coordinator? (TAC)
It is SPD\'s designated point of contact for the WSP and the FBI.
WHat is the TAC\'s reponsibility?
They must sign a TAC Acknowledgement, read and sign the TAC guide and will be responsible to ensure compliance with stat and National Crime Information Center(NCIC) policies and regulations
What level of certification must a TAC receive and how often does a TAC have to attend training?
The TAC must recieve a level II certification and must be trained every 3 years
Who is the SPD TAC?
IT is the DATA center manager
What are some examples of agencies we cannot release criminal history to?
DSHS, Passport Agencies, CPS, Adult protective services, crimestoppers etc
Who restricts all data bases to official investigations when conducted while working for a criminal justicee organization?
THe Department of Justice Criminal Justice Information System(CJIS)
All NCIC queries should be made using what Transation Code?
CQCH(common query criminal History)
THe REASON field on a NCIC III msut be filled with what?
Either the General Offence Number or a specific reason for the inquiry
WHat information must be included when using the WEBMSS system in the Attention Field?
1. Requestors SPD serial number 2. Specific criminal justice reason such theft, narcotics etc, or general offence number
How is responsible for making sure that a copy of th log for ech computer terminal capable of making NCIC logs is retained at the end of the month?
The precinct commander
How long does the Precinct commander need to retain the NCIC log of file?
Current year plus one
What number is the terminal identification number?
it is the number at the terminal that begins with WASPD and is followed by four numbers or a letter number combination
Are MDCs and PDTs are authorized to access NCIC?
Who disseminates information to individuals agences or groups outside the department for juvenile record information?
the YOuth Crimes section
Who disseminates criminal information to individuals agences or groups outside the department
THe records files and data center section
What are the exceptions to the rule that you can not printout criminal history record information?
1. when its required for a detective investigative file 2. When required by a prosecuting attorney 3. when required by agencies or individuals authorized by the records, evidence and Identification section 4. when required in a mutual criminal investigation with a court or government agency authorized by WSP to recieve info 5. when authorized by a watch, section or unit supervisor as required for an investigation or in an emergency
When releasing information to a prosecutor or the city law department through versedex, what should be marked?
the release tracking function
How often does an individual have to have a background reinvestigation for the use of ACCESS?
every 5 years
WHat is the training that permits individuals such as cadets upper management etc. who are not authorized to make queiries to the Criminal History infomation system but allows them to view it for thier job?
The Peer Training
How often will the department audit the use of NCIC?
x of y cards