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314.2.2 When to Terminate Pursuit
1) All factors in initiating pursuit 2) Distance between officer and suspect too great 3) Lost sight of suspect 4) Damage to officers unit 5) Nature of crime 6) Misdemeanors not involving violence or serious injury 7) Hazards 8) Identity of suspect known 9) Officer and/or public safety 10) Directed by a supervisor
300.2.5 Carotid Restraint Used
1) Received training in last two years 2) Prevent serious injury or death to officers or others. 3) If unconscious, promptly get medical attention 4) Inform all who receive suspect that carotid was used and if suspect lost consciousne 5) Promptly notify a supervisor of use 6) Document in report
426.1.4 Off-Duty Incidents Requiring Notification
1) Official LE contact 2) Arrest 3) Displaying or firing gun 4) Witness to a felony 5) Lost or stolen department property 6) Witness to an injury Must report to Watch Commander ASAP. Must complete Employee Report within 72 hours
Limitations of hours worked
1) 16 hours per 24 hours 2) 30 hours per 48 hours 3) 84 hours per 7 days Employee should have 8 hours between shifts
314.2.1 When to Initiate Pursuit
1) Seriouness of crime relative to safety 2) Need for immediate capture against risks 3) Nature of fkeeing suspect (Serious Threat) 4) Identity of Suspect verified 5) Safety of public (area, time of day, traffic, speed) 6) Officers familiarity with the area and quality of communication 7) Weather, traffic and road conditions 8) Capabilities of vehicles 9) Capabilities of drivers 10) Speed 11) Passengers with suspect 12) Air unit 13) Passengers with officer
Non-Reportable Use of Force
1) Mere presence or identification of officer 2) Force necessary to overcome passive resistance with no injury or complaint of pain 3) Searching with no injury 4) Injuries caused by suspects themselves 5) Shooting of an animal 6) Use of diversionary devices
1032.3 Supervisors Responsibility in Fit for Duty
1) Observe or receive information of officer who is perceived to be physically or mentally unable to do job, should take prompt action to resolve 2) Determine reason or source 3) Phone medical or psychiatric help 4) In conjunction with Watch Commander or Captain, determine need to temporarily relieve from duties 5) Promptly notify The Chief if relieved
340.3.2 Conduct that could result in Discipline
1) Fighting or threats 2) Civil action unauthorized 3) Using Department resources in civil litigation 4) Horse play causing damage 5) Loss/damage to department property 6) Failure to report criminal involvement 7) Failure to report police contact 8) Identify on self as an officer for gain 9) Soliciting for gain using photo, etc... 10) Seek restraining order for work related 11) Discourteous/disrespectful treatment 12) Sexual harassment on duty 13) Sexual relations on duty
340.3.8 Reasons for Supervisors Discipline
1) Failure to act to ensure employees adhere to policy and laws 2) Failure to report misconduct of employee or document 3) Unequal/disparte treatment
314.4 Supervisors Responsibility in Pursuit
1) Get all information and assess risk factors 2) Engage in pursuit for supervision 3) Control of pursuit even if not involved 4) Ensure the number of units are appropriate 5) Terminate pursuit if necessary 6) Request Air Unit 7) Ensure proper radio channel used 8) Coordinate with outside agencies 9) Manage CPD units in outside jurisdiction 10) Prepare post-pursuit critique for training
1006.2 Grievance Procedure
1) Attempt to resolve orally with supervisor 2) If not remedied within seven days, request interview with Captain 3) If not remedied, meet with Chief 4) If unable to resolve 1) Officer should submit written statement to Chief and Sergeant 2) Chief will respond within 14 days 3) City manager decision is final Must present claim to sergeant within 5 days of violation Sergeant must investigate claim and respond to officer within 3 days
318.2.1 Use of K9 Considerations
1) Individuals age 2) Nature of crime 3) Public/Officer safety if K9 deployed 4) Degree of resistance 5) Potential of escape if K9 not used 6) Risk of injury to public/officer if K9 is not used
3304 (a) Government Code
Shall not be disciplined if excersised POBAR

Department can order statements
314.2.3 Factors determining reasonableness of speeds during pursuits
1) Unsafe for surrounding conditions 2) Exceed the driving ability of officer 3) Exceed the capabilities of vehicle
309.5 Medical Treatment after use of taser
All subjects must be medically cleared, including: 1) Suspects under the influence 2) Pregnant 3) Anyone in need of medical attention 4) Darts lodged in sensitive areas 5) Persons request medical attention
314.1 Purpose of vehicle pursuit policy
1) Balance safety of public and officers with duty to apprehend 2) Reduce and minimize pursuit related accidents Immediate apprehension is generally not more important than the safety of the public and officers
Most important factors to successful conclusion of a pursuit:
1) Self discipline 2) Sound Professional judgement
316.7 Supervisors responsibility in code 3 response
1) Proper response initiated 2) Number of units necessary 3) Outside jurisdictions notified Authorizing considerations: 1) Type of call 2) Need of timely response 3) Traffic 4) Location of responding units
314.6.2 Factors when outside agency requests CPD to take over the pursuit
1) Ability to maintain pursuit 2) Circumstances serious enough 3) Staffing 4) Public Safety 5) Officer saftey
340.4.1 Written Reprimand Procedure
- Must appeal in writing within 10 days of receipt - Assigned to supervisor with higher rank than issuer of reprimand - Employee given Evidentiary Hearing within 30 days - Decision of supervisor to Sustain, Modify or dismiss is final
1019.2.3 Acceptance of Service Complaints
- May be filed in person, writing or by phone. - Doesn\'t involve a violation of policy or law *Supervisor should determine if person satisfied with explination then complaint not needed *When complaintant intoxicated, identifying information will be obtained and person will be provided with a complaint form. - Report made either on complaint form or employee report
304.1.1 Shooting Policy
1) Protect himself or others from serious injury or death 2) Fleeing felon with probable cause to believe felon will commit GBI or death ( Warning Given) 3) Stop dangerous animal 4) Euthanize animal (With supervisors approval) 5) Target practice at range
1016.4.2 Supervisor Reporting Requirements of Exposures
1) Name and SSN of exposed 2) Date and time of exposure 3) Location 4) Infectious material 5) Source of material/person 6) Current location of source 7) Work during exposure 8) How exposure occurred 9) PPE in use at time 10) Actions post event * Sergeant writes incident report with causes and reccomendations
306.61 TARP Documentation
The following details must be in report: 1) Amount of time suspect was restrained 2) How and in what position the suspect was transported 3) The suspects physical and physiological actions 4) Drug use or medical problems
304.1.3 No at moving vehicles, unless...
1) Endanger officers or public (expected to move out of path if possible) 2) Vehicle being used as weapon 3) Fleeing felon who will cause GBI or death
300.5 Supervisor Responsibility During Use of Force
Supervisor expected to: 1) Obtain facts from the officer 2) Medical attention 3) Interview suspect 4) Photograph injury or lack there of 5) Identify witnesses 6) Review reports 7) Complete Attorney/Client if civil litigation is possible 8) Determine if use of force was within policy (pi face sheet)
Supervisors Report After Pursuit Will Include...
1) Date and time 2) Length 3) Involved units and officers 4) Reason for pursuit 5) Start and end points 6) Disposition 7) Injuries and/or damage 8) Medical treatment 9) Name of supervisor 10) Preliminary determination if pursuit was within policy
1020.7 Disposition of Personnel Complaints
1) Unfounded = Did not occur or frivolous 2) Exonerated = Act occurred but justified, lawful and within policy 3) Not Sustained = Insufficient evidence either way 4) Sustained = Suffecient evidence of misconduct
1003.5 Notice to Correct
- Forward to lieutenant before officer review, sergeant will give to officer for signature - Original goes in sergeants file - Purge after one year - Work performance deficient and officer placed on notice that must improve
1019.4 Supervisor Responsibility During Service Complaint
- Immediately refer complaintant to responsible sergeant, if not available, refer to Watch Commander - Attempt to resolve to complaitant\'s satisfaction and advise complaitant of any action taken
344.2.1 Crime Reports Taken
1) Felony 2) Misdemeanor and prosecution is desired 3) Use of Force 4) Domestic Violence 5) All arrests
702.2.2 Use of Personal Communications Device
- Should only be used for Department business - Should not be visible while in uniform - Can use for personal reasons during breaks and extenuating circumstances, not heard by public - Extended use prohibited - Shall not use while driving, unless hands free
300.4.1 Physical Force Notification
1) Force causes injury 2) Complaint of pain 3) Any application of control device 4) Rendered unconscious OK to book needed for 1,2 and 4
3303 (I)
When punitive action likely, officer has right to a rep Rep not required to disclose info from officer in non-criminal matter
900.3.1 Supervision of Prisoners
- All checked at least every hour - Intoxicated prisoners should be checked every 1/2 hour Through direct observation
3303 (j)
Officer shall not be reassigned if others not reassigned in similar circumstances
1006.1.1 Grievance Defined
Difference of opinion concerning terms or conditions of employment or dispute the interpretation of: 1) MOU 2) Policy 3) City rules and regulations - May be brought by individual or group
3303 (c)
Officer shall be informed of investigation prior to interogation
- Interogation may be recorded - Entitled to transcribed copy of prior statements - The officer has the right to their own recorder
3303 (h)
Informed of Constitutional Miranda rights if possible criminal charge pending
3303 (e)
- Shall not be subject to offensive language or threatened with punitive action (except failure to answer questions) - Shall not be subject to to press - Home address and photo not given to press without consent
3303 (f)
No statement made under duress, coercion or threat shall be admissable in civil proceeding Can be used to inpeachment in civil case
3303 (d)
Interrogation shall be reasonable time limit Allowed their own personal needs
Formal Personnel Complaint
Complainant requests further action or supervisor determines investigation warranted Investigation by supervisor or by Admin Sgt, depending on seriousness
328.3.2 Sexual Harassment is...
1) Submission to conduct condition of employment 2) Submissio / Rejection basis for employment decisions 3) Interferes with work performance or environment
3303 (b)
- No more than two interrogators at a time. More can be present, but only two asking questions - Shall know rank of officer in charge and names of interrogators
300.6.1 Reportable Use of Force
- On or off duty officer - Uses control device or any physical force to: 1) Compel person to compky with directions 2) Overcome resistance during arrest 3) Defend self from aggtressor - Use of Force template in share drive
3303 (a)
Interrogation shall be conducted at a reasonable hour If off duty, officer must be compensated
Informal Personnel Complaint
- Complainant satisfied of action taken by supervisor at least one rank greater than accused - No form needed - Supervisor handle, however, within policy
300.2.2 Reasonable Use of Force Factors
1) Conduct of Suspect 2) Officer versus suspect factors ( size, strength) 3) Under the Influence 4) Weapons 5) Time and circumstances allowing other options 6) Seriousness of offense 7) Training and experience of the officer 8) Risk to citizens, officers and suspects 9) Risk of escape 10) Exigent circumstances
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