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Name the 4 types of Networks 
 Peer to PeerClient/ServerCentralized (Dumb Terminals)Mixed Mode
Name the 7 types of Network Topologies 
 BusStarHybridMeshPoint to PointPoint to Multi-pointTree
List the 8 Network Categories from smallest to largest 
 LAN - Local Area NetworkCAN - Campus Area NetworkMAN - Metropolitan Area NetworkWAN - Wide Area NetworkGAN - Global Area NetworkInternet - Web pagesIntranet - Web pages that are internal to an organizationExtranet - Web pages that are part of an intranet but are exposed to a third party
List the 3 types of Network Transmissions 
 Unicast - data transferred from one specific source to a specific destinationBroadcast - data goes from one source to ALL nodesMulticast - data transferred to from one source to nodes that are members of the that multicast group
Describe IPv4 
 IP version 432 bits longmade up of four 8-bit numbers (OCTETS) between 0 & 255
What IPv4 address is considered your workstation or the loopback address?
What IPv4 address is the Broadcast address?
Describe a Class A IPv4 address 
 0._._._ - 126._._._Approximately 16 million hosts.
Describe a Class B IPv4 address 
 128.0._._ - 191.255._._Approximately 65
Describe a Class C IPv4 address 
 192.0.0._ - 223.255.255._127 hosts
Describe a Class D IPv4 address 
 224 - 247Reserved for Multicasting
Describe a Class E IPv4 address 
 248 - 255Reserved for Experimental use.
What is a NIC? 
 Network Interface Card
What is a MAC Address? 
 - Unique 6 byte (48 bit) hexadecimal number that identifies the NIC- Non routable
How does a NIC use the MAC address? 
 NIC looks at packet headers to determine if the packet is addressed to it or if it is a Broadcast
What information is carried by each packet? 
 -Sender's IP address-Intended receiver's IP address-# of packets being sent-which packet number this packet is
What is the term used for Packet in UDP? 
What are other names for a packet? 
What are the 3 main parts of a packet? 
Describe the packet header. 
 Header contains instructions about the data carried by the packet:- Length of the Packet- Synchronization- Packet Number- Protocol- Destination address- Origination address
Describe the packet payload 
 Payload is the actual data that is being delivered.
Describe the packet trailer 
 The trailer typically contains information that tells the receiving device that it has reached the end of the packet and may contain some type of error checking.
What is CRC? 
 Cyclic Redundancy Check-Adds all the 1's together and stores the result as a hexadecimal number.  The receiving device add's up the 1's received and checks it against the stored number and asks for a packet to be resent if it does not match.
What is the actual layout of the wiring in a network referred to as? 
 Physical topology
What is the routing of the packets in a network referred to as? 
 Logical topology
What is NAT? 
 Network Address Translation
What is SNAT? 
 Secure Network Address Translation
What is PAT? 
 Port Address translation- Allows a single public IP address to be used by many hosts on a private network such as a LAN
What is happening when a router is routing traffic from one port and redirecting to another port? 
 Port Forwarding
What is happening when a user decides which port to send data on and the router recognizes incoming data and redirects back to the port the user specified? 
 Port Triggering
FTP protocol? 
 Port 20 & 21File Transfer ProtocolTransfers files between computers
 Port 23Remotely log on to a system
 Port 25Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolSends email
 Port 43targets IP address for information
 Port 53Domain Name ServerTranslates URL's (FQDN) into IP Addresses
 Port 69Trivial File Transfer Protocol
 Port 80Hyper Text Transfer ProtocolDisplays Web pages
Kerberos Authentication 
 Port 88
 Port 109Post Office Protocol version 2
 Port 110Post Office Protocol version 3Receives email
 Ports 137
 Port 161Simple Network Management Protocol
 Port 179Border Gateway ProtocolRouting Table communication between routers
 Port 194Internet Relay ChatChat Rooms
 Port 220Newer email protocolAllows a device (such as a phone) to only download email headers unless the user specifically wants to read the email.
 Port 389Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
 Port 443Hyper Text Transfer Protocol SecureAllows for secure connection to web pages
SMTP over SSL? 
 Port 465send encrypted email
 Port 636Lightweight Director Access Protocol SecureEncrypted
 No specific portInternet Control Message ProtocolPackets that contain error messages
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