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How can an officer know that a property has a trespass agreement with SPD.
They will have a sign in the window and they will be able to see it in Vesedex RMS or on the MDT
What needs to happen if the business wants to have the trespass contract revoked?
The Business needs to contact the precinct and command staff will contact DATA who will update RMS
Can officer issue a trespass warning on individual even when the complainant is not on the scene, when the business is signed up for the trespass warning program?
What is the process for the criminal trespass program
Once the business is signed up and the conditions of entries are posted, if an officer observes an individual engaged in behaviors prohibited by the posted sign, the officer can make contact and issue a trespass warning
If an officer makes contact with an individual who has been previously trespass under this program, what should he do?
1.He can arrest for criminal trespass 2. He will use the GO from the original trespass warning 3. complete a new trespass warning 4. list the officer who wrote the original trespass warning as the secondary officer 5.Copy the original trespass warning and send it to data so it can be attached to the GO
CAn an officer arrest an individual if a business owner has previously admonished an individual not to be on a property?
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