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Though it was hardly sweltering, the greenhouse was noticeably warm, even in winter. v. swelter
adj. oppresively hot and humid
so they wouldn\'t have a chance to conspire with each other over any escape attempts, members of the slauson poptarts were sent to different prisons
v. to plan secretly together
although michael was an upstanding citizen, the opponent defamed him so successfully that michael\'s chances for election were ruined.
v. to attack a person\'s reputation; to slander
after years of being subservient to her demanding boss, Michico Finally mustered the resolve to quit and start her company
adj. subordinate in function; obsequious
you might as well tell me your secret now, because you know I\'ll wheedle it out of you 1 way or another
v. to persuade or obtain through flattery or cunning
after his stroke, mister henson had difficulty understanding auditory information
adj. relating to the sense of hearing
sue is so determined to do things her own way that she can be as refractory as a mule when people try to order her around
adj. stubbornly resistant to control, authority, or treatment
the peaceful summer evening was shattered by the raucous a sound of aunt emily\'s beat up old chevy
adj. loud and harsh
before the important verdict was handed down, anxiety and tension pervaded the city.
v. spread throughout or be present throughout
he gained success in his lifetime through hard work and good publicity, but his standing in the eyes of later generations is the results of his prodigious talent
adj. wonderful amazing very big
one of the least pleasant necessities of modern life is the time we all must spend dealing with bureaucracy
n. a group of officials and administrators especially of the government
after the collapse of the soviet union, many former kgb agents became renegades, selling their services as spies the highest bidder.
n. someone who rejects 1 group, cause, or allegiance for another
he\'s been through many hard times, so it\'s not surprising that he\'s able to maintain poise at time of imminent disaster.
n. self assurance; composure; equilibrium
the grandeur of the royal wedding impressed many people, but others decried it as a waste of money.
n. magnificence; splendor
the vacation brochure promises to take us to exotic locations and far way from our humdrum lives.
adj. dull; routine; commonplace
because nick sometimes complained when he was asked to sweep the floors, his father instead asked his brother Trey, who tended to be much more obliging.
adj. ready to do favors; helpful; courteous
two sleepless nights left Jill choleric and inclined to savage anyone she met.
adj. easily angered; bad tempered
the politician hoped that the electorate would dismiss his lie as a peccadillo but the judge determined that he had committed perjury.
n. a minor sin
the sat writing exam tests your ability to spot errors in diction, such as substituting \"interested\" for \"uniterested.\"
n. word choice in speech or writing; degree of clarity in speaking
I am testing you on these words so you will understand the definition and not just parrot them back to me.
v. to blindly repeat or copy
the old man can be friendly when he\'s had enough sleep, but if you interrupt his afternoon nap you can expect him to become quite bilious.
adj. bad-tempered; cross
she is apt to take offense easily when anyone suggests that she might be incapable of solving any problem.
adj. appropriate; having a natural tendency
by late afternoon, the cyclists were cruising through the sun dappled hills of southern Italy.
adj. spotted
Dan Quayle\'s inability to think of a retort to the remark \"You, sir, are no jack kennedy\" reinforced the public\'s impression of him as slow-witted.
v. to reply, especially in a quick or witty manner
at first glance, life at the boarding school seemed to belie all the bad things that I had heard about it.
v. to picture falsely; to contradict
Netanyahu\'s bellicose and uncompromising stance towards the Palestinians won him the support of a segment of the Israeli electorate.
adj. warlike
Mr. Thorn is excessively pedantic; his stress on minute details bores even those students who are interested in the subject.
adj. putting unnecessary stress on minor or purely academic knowledge
the local population is so happy to see tourist in town, they\'ll do all of they can to make sure the sojourn is a pleasant one.
n. a brief visit
fearful of what was behind the door but feeling compelled to investigate, mary reached for the door knob with a tremulous hand.
adj. shaking; fearful
Ana\'s term paper was a slipshod affair, full of careless errors of spelling and grammar.
adj. marked by carelessness or casual attention to detail; sloppy
rochester was proud and sardonic, mocking any weaknesses he found in others with no consideration of their feelings.
adj. bitterly sneering; mocking
it was a little sad to see someone who practiced such total self-abnegation as the mother who lived her life entirely for the sake of her children.
n. putting aside of personal interest for the sake of others
the sergeant at arm\'s stentorian voice cut through the chatter in the senate chamber and silenced those still talking.
adj. extremely loud
the roman legions almost never ran in battle because soldiers knew that legions that proved recreant would face decimation: the execution of one out of every 10 soldiers.
adj. showing faithless disloyalty; n. a disloyal coward
At Christmas the old man set aside his natural inclination to parsimony and contributed to the local charity.
n. excessive care in spending; stinginess
James was peaceful and content until the teacher interrupted his reverie about the girl sitting next to him to ask a question.
n. daydream
Though our boss likes to think he is immune to shameless flattery, he\'s pretty easily persuaded by whichever sycophant happens to be with him at the time.
n. one who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence
at the end of a speech this long, you should really take a paragraph and recapitulate so the audience will not lose track of your main points.
v. to summarize; to paraphrase
Old Mrs. Dimple says she acquired her enormous fortune through hard work and canny investments in high-growth stocks.
adj. clever and cautious
Knowing that she was unprepared for the test, Yolanda resorted to the well-worn but effective subterfuge of pretending that she was sick.
n. a sneaky or devious method for avoiding diffuculty or unpleasantness
At first he was going to apologize to the accident victims, but his attorney advised him instead to follow a strategy of vigorous denial of responsability. n. vigor
adj. energetic
The jury found the defendant guilty despite the eloquent speech of his attorney. n. eloquence
adj. articulate; convincing and effective in speech
When the police showed up at my neighbor\'s house I had a brief respite from his loud music, but he turned the volume back up as soon as they left.
n. temporary relief
The personnel department at Sunny Vistas wrote Jenny a polite letter of rejection, explaining that she was a little feisty to work with the old people.
adj. irritable; quarrelsome; full of spirit
The grand jury voted not to indict the defendant because there wasn\'t enough evidence to justify proceeding to a trial. n. indictment
v. to formally accuse of criminal activity
When the boss starts screaming his head off like that, you might as well go home; there is nothing you can do to quell his anger.
v. to ease; to calm down
Listening to be the latest in a long line of excuses about why they couldn\'t refund my money, I grew too livid to speakand hung up the phone.
adj. extremely angry; discolored, as from a bruise; pale, ashen
I don\'t think he woukd have been so sanguine that day if he had already known about losing his fortune in the stock market crash.
adj. optimistic, cheerful
Because she had always been calm and collected, all her friends and family were stunned when she ran amuck and vandalized the school.
adj. frenzied, esp. violently
The health inspector intimated that he would give the restaurant a passing grade if he received a bribe. n. intimation
v. to make known subtly; to hint
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