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In approximajtely 4% of clandestine durg labs, how many officers are hurt?
At least one is seriously hurt
How many hours of training do you need efore you can knowingly enter a Clandestine drug laboratory?
AT least 40hours of classroom training and a medical checkup
How much refresher hours does an officer need to enter a drug lab?
8 hours a year after the initial 40hour course
If an officer runs into a drug lab, what should happen?
SGt. should be notifiied who should contact the duty captain and the sgt of the narcotics unit and other members of the chain of command if appropriate
If a lab is occupied or a police officer is contaminated what should happen?
This info must be givne to the Narcotics commander immediately or certified designee immediately. officers should be isolated until decontamination occurs
On a contamination site, do officers have to desiignate a spot for a communications car? can it be used as a command post?
Yes and yes
How long should you run any skin that has been exposed under clean running water?
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