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Which blood component's main purpose is to restore an individuals oxygen-carrying capacity, keeping organs and tissues oxygenated and healthy?

What type of blood components are given to patients who are diagnosed with thrombocytopenia?
Platelet concentrations
Why is fresh frozen plasma (FFP) usually transfused to patients?
To replace coagulation factors
Cryoprecipitated antihemophilic factor implies the component contains which clotting factor to treat the bleeding disorder Hemophilia A?
VIII (Anti-hemophillic factor)
What are blood components that have the majority of WBCs removed called?
Irradiated blood components are usually indicated to prevent what disease in a patient?
Graft vs. Host Disease
Neonatal and pediatric patients receiving exchange transfusion should receive blood that is less than how old?
5 days
Donation of a unit of one's own blood is known as what type of donation?
Define massive transfusion
Transfusion of 10 or more units of blood to a patient within a 24-hour period.
For what clinical condition is an intrauterine transfusion correcting?
How many donors are involved in platelets prepared by plateletpheresis?
One vial of Rh immune globulin (RhIg) will neutralize the anti-D present in how much RBCs or whole blood?
RBC: 15 mL 
Whole blood: 30 mL
What whole blood component contained in a granulocyte concentrate warrants crossmatching?
What Rh-negative patients may permit transfusion of Rh-positive units when few O-negative units are available in an emergency?
Males and Rh-Neg patients
Leukopoor filters reduce the risk of ___________.
Which intravenous solution is not recommended for dilution of blood components because of red cell damage?
A patient with paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (PCH) would require _________________ in the event of a blood transfusion.
A blood warmer
This type of transfusion reaction can occur anywhere from 3-7 days after administration of blood or blood products:
Delayed Hemolytic
This type of transfusion reaction is described as a 1oC or more rise in temperature:
Non-Hemolytic Febrile
This type of transfusion reaction usually results from a patient having an anti-IgA antibody:
This type of transfusion reaction results from the transfusion of ABO incompatible blood
What is a disease can NOT be transmitted through blood?
The first step of the initial transfusion reaction investigation involves
A clerical check
True or False: Anaphylactic reactions are the only ones in which the patient has a fever.
False, this one does not present a fever
What is the most frequent cause of circulatory overload?
Transfusing a unit at too fast a rate
When a suspected hemolytic transfusion reaction occurs, the first thing that must be done is what?
Stop the transfusion
What type of bacteria are consistent with bacterial contamination reactions?
Bacteria that thrives in cold temps.
The organism that causes syphilis?
Treponema pallidum
The best way in which to prevent transfusion-associated GVHD is:
Use irradiated blood and blood products
What transfusion reactions is characterized by leukocytes aggregating in lung tissue, leading to respiratory distress?
Transfusion Reaction Acute Lung Injury
What is the pathophysiologic mechanism of a febrile nonhemolytic transfusion reaction?
HLA antibody in patient plasma is directed against antigens present on donor WBCs
What is a common finding in a delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction?
What can NOT be implicated in a physically or chemically induced transfusion reaction?
Bacterial contamination of donor unit
Donor testing is NOT available for what  transfusion-transmitted diseases
List the three possible types of HDN
ABO HDN, Rh HDN, & Other (IgG) HDN
For an antibody to cause HDN, it must be of which immunoglobulin class?
Rh immune globulin (RhIg) is effective in prevention of HDN due to which antibodies?
The direct antiglobulin test (DAT) detects what type of sensitization of the RBCs?
In-vivo sensitization
A single full dose of RhIg (RhoGam) will protect against a fetal-maternal hemorrhage equivalent to:
30 ml of whole blood
Kernicterus and jaundice are evidenced by what routine chemistry test?
Any blood group system capable of producing what type of immunoglobulins has the potential to cause HDN?
IgG-Able to cross the placenta
What is the term used for RhIg administered at 28 weeks gestation?
When a woman receives RhIg (RhoGam) during pregnancy, testing of her serum postpartum may exhibit anti-D reactivity. This reactivity is known as:
Passive anti-D
What is the name of the semi-quantitative test used to detect fetal-maternal hemorrhge (FMH)?
Fetal bleed screen
What type of blood should be given in an emergency transfusion where there is not time to type the blood?
O Neg, Packed Red Blood Cells
Blood for an exchange transfusion of an infant should meet what requirements?

  • Anti-CMV Negative

  • Should be irradiated to prevent GVHD

  • Blood should be less than 5-7 days old

For protection against miscarriage or abortion, a microdose of RhIg can be administered up until how many weeks of gestation?
12 weeks
Why is reverse ABO blood typing omitted on cord blood samples?
Because the antibodies present will be that of the mother's because a baby's immune system isn't developed yet.
Why should cord blood samples be washed with saline a minimum of 6-8 times?
To get rid of Wharton Jelly. this is used during birthing and coats the RBCs and can cause errorous results
What are the three phases of the indirect antiglobulin test (IAT)?

  • IS

  • 37C

  • AHG

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